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Paolo Dal Cin

Managing Director – Accenture Security, CMT Security Global Lead, ICEG Security Lead


Paolo Dal Cin, Managing Director – Accenture Security, CMT Security Global Lead, ICEG Security Lead

As the Security Global Lead for Accenture Communications, Media & Technology, Paolo leads complex projects for Accenture’s clients across multiple sectors. A recognized authority on digital security solutions, he brings 15 years of deep experience in the industry. He is a trusted advisor to leading companies in the banking, energy, insurance, media & entertainment, automotive, communications, electronics and high-tech industries.

In 2012, Paolo led the restructuring of the ICEG (Italy, Central Europe and Greece) Security practice, which is now one of the most successful security units at Accenture. His strong business acumen and rich experience helps him empower Accenture’s security clients to safeguard their digital businesses. Paolo oversees effective collaboration with clients to develop and implement critical capabilities across security strategies, business resilience, cyber defense, cloud protection, security analytics, threat intelligence, applications security, data protection and managed security services (MSS).

Paolo is a name to reckon with across the global security community, and a speaker at numerous events and conferences. He is also the author of a wide range of cyber security-related publications. Paolo has masters’ degrees in computer science and cyber security, and has held contract and assistant professor roles at the universities of Udine, Modena and Milan, Italy.

In his free time, Paolo likes to trek and delve into astronomy. His mantra for success is: Talent. Vision. Leadership. And passion, passion, passion. 

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