The pressure to innovate is leaving many large, traditional consumer goods companies in a froth. How can they modernize their businesses to offer customers and consumers a smooth experience? Given their size, they face a significant conundrum. They need to deliver an enhanced experience at an unprecedented scale across traditional and digital channels while remaining agile enough to compete with dynamic new entrants. Accenture helped Carlsberg solve this dilemma with an open, cloud-based IT architecture that can operate at scale to increase channels, reach and speed.

Journey to cloud

Carlsberg’s journey to cloud is setting the stage for a new era of growth and profitability.

Greater responsiveness

It also enhances their ability to respond to market dynamics to capture greater market share.

Increasing responsiveness

The cloud transformation is part of a broader program to increase digital connectivity between the company and customers, supply chain and employees.

A growth platform

With Accenture’s help, Carlsberg created a digital growth platform to deliver exceptional services–and brew for a better today and tomorrow.

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"Moving from a physical on-premise IT infrastructure to a managed public cloud environment is a big and challenging transition, and Accenture helped us do it quickly and as seamlessly as possible."

— Mark Dajani, CIO and SVP of Global Business Services at Carlsberg Group

Strategy and solution

Accenture and Avanade worked closely with Microsoft and SAP to help Carlsberg transition their core infrastructure and business-critical applications to the Microsoft Azure public cloud in less than six months.

The transition, including the whole SAP application suite, covered more than 150 terabytes of data on:








The Azure platform enables Carlsberg and their partners to accelerate innovation with artificial intelligence, DevOps and analytics. For example, the brewery recently launched “Carrie,” a security chatbot solution developed by Avanade, through which employees can get 24/7 support for requests regarding security rules and regulations.

With their journey to cloud, Carlsberg is better positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies that enable them to quickly and easily innovate and launch new services and solutions for customers, business partners and employees.

Carlsberg’s platform supports digital

Carlsberg now has a dynamic and agile platform for their enterprise solutions that supports digital innovation and provides great visibility into IT operations. It’s already reaping many benefits:

Improved IT systems stability

Helping Carlsberg focus efforts on customers and markets

More agile and responsive IT infrastructure

Enabling the company to scale resources up or down quickly as needed

Lower IT operating costs

Freeing up capital for the company to invest elsewhere in the business

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