Vodafone Business’ 2,500+ customers had a fragmented experience when they reached out to the company. They could contact through email, telephone calls or a chat app, but the experience wasn’t a consistent one. They might be dealing with a different team each time, who might not have the latest information about their problem. This would be frustrating not just for the customer, but also for the Vodafone service teams helping them.

Vodafone Business wanted to deliver an industry-leading digital transformation which would improve both the customer and employee experience by creating a simple, streamlined and more efficient customer service platform. The key goals were for customers to have a great experience no matter where they were, or how they got in touch, and allow the customer service team at Vodafone Business to proactively monitor the network to address faults and notify customers.

Transforming Customer Experience

Vodafone Business teamed up with Accenture to transform its end to end customer service experience from email to phone to chat. See more.

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"The feedback from the customers has been very, very positive. They’ve noticed a difference in our speed of resolution, a change in the agents and the skill of the agents … not just being proactive, but also starting to pre-empt and predict issues before they happen."

— GARY ADEY, Vodafone Group Director – Global Shared Services

What Accenture did

Strategy & Solution
Vodafone Business selected Accenture as transformation partner to help create a fully digital, cloud based, data-driven customer service platform that would deliver a world class customer operations function. Named Vodafone Intelligent Service program (“EVE”), the complex transformation brought streamlined, digital and agile ways of working to the company’s customer service operations. The transformation needed to happen seamlessly and safely; being completely painless for customers while delivering a best in class platform.

As the technology orchestrators, Accenture brought all the players in the multi-vendor environment together in a series of Design Sprints to agree priority functions and technology innovations, creating one vision and accelerating implementation.

Data Migration
More than 2500 business customers (fixed & mobile) had to migrate seamlessly. Accenture’s data-driven approach prioritised actions by analysing complex, fragmented historical data and ensured no platform interruption by driving key improvements like streamlined product taxonomy and a globally standardised resolver team matrix.

"We wanted to create a fully-digital, cloud-based customer service platform that was driven by data and insight."

— ABBY THOMAS, Global Head of Customer Operations – Vodafone Business

People and culture

The new solution would only be as good as the people who used it. The transformation team worked closely with service desk agents across seven locations; agents helped to co-create the solution and embraced it from Day 1.

Today, more than service desk agents say they’re happier now that they’re working to one streamlined global process. They can provide a leading customer experience and have more time to spend on solving more complicated requests.


Customers migrated seamlessly


Reduction in operational costs

Value delivered

The Vodafone Intelligent Service program (EVE) has delivered a leading digital platform, clean data set and significantly improved both customer and employee satisfaction. Service desk agents praise the solution as being more streamlined, straight-forward and modern. Vodafone Business uses its transformed Intelligent service systems and processes to more quickly diagnose and resolve customer issues, and also to be more proactive in predicting or pre-empting issues before they happen.

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