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Accenture Aerial Monitoring Solution

Accenture Solution for companies with long-distance linear infrastructure and large area objects


Modern companies with long-distance linear infrastructure and large area objects are actively searching for cost saving methods in asset maintenance, while improving reliability and reducing number of accidents. Companies strive to optimize expenses for required routine inspections and maintenance planning based on available data. Accenture developed a dedicated solution for monitoring infrastructure assets to effectively solve these tasks.

About The Project

The Accenture Aerial Monitoring Solution provides inspecting capabilities of infrastructure sites by applying innovative technologies of computer vision and robotics. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs) for data gathering enables inspecting objects in hard to reach locations in the shortest time.

Accenture software solution processes and analyzes data from the UAV using patented computer vision and predictive analytics algorithms. Terabytes of raw data are automatically processed, bringing inspection results about asset conditions to a new level. Human factor, i.e. weakening of attention, does not affect detection of object’s critical characteristics, as the approved high precision automatic methods of analysis are used. It provides accident free performance on a high level.

The Client administrative and management staff receives an effective tool to perform various tasks. The solution provides the ability to plan maintenance and inspection works, to plan budget allocation for maintenance and repair operations and allows quality inspection of contractor’s work. Inspection reports include current and predicted asset state.

By forecasting possible occurrence of accidents Accenture Software Solution paves the way to predictive maintenance of infrastructure, which provides significant savings on accidents consequences elimination.

Accenture’s comprehensive approach is flexible and customizable to address client needs by integrating into client’s GIS and ERP systems, which allows business processes automation based on obtained results.


How It Works

Value Proposition