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Conbipel: Customer relationship management

Accenture helps Conbipel with customer relationship management modeling and implements CRM and electronic point of sales systems to increase revenues.


Accenture worked with Conbipel to create a customer relationship management model that would improve the retailer’s in-store operations, provide a deeper understanding of customer buying patterns and increase loyalty revenues.

Customer relationship management was a key to meeting Italian retailer Conbipel’s goal of bringing the whole family into its stores—to ensure that in-store operations were adapted to meet customer needs while products offered matched customer aspirations.

Accenture worked with Conbipel to create a customer relationship management model and implement CRM and electronic point-of-sale systems to help Conbipel increase revenues while improving customer satisfaction and decreasing costs.


Conbipel has faced a number of significant challenges in the last few years. Change of ownership, management and product line, all in a short time, offered potential business risks. To facilitate its strategic change of direction, Conbipel identified the need to improve in-store operations as well as its knowledge of, and relationship with, customers.

Conbipel turned to Accenture for help with its transformation, which required clear customer communication and a strong focus on meeting the needs of each customer.


Together, Accenture and Conbipel defined how to classify different customers to create a data modeling solution with appropriate client segmentation.

Accenture’s implementation of the new integrated electronic point of sale and CRM systems and processes focused on:

  • In-store operational improvement
  • Marketing transformation
  • Campaign management
  • Loyalty program implementation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer insight capability creation


With the implementation of the CRM system, Conbipel is able to deliver a better consumer experience by targeting its consumers and more consistently managing every contact and interaction.

Additional benefits include enhanced capability to:

  • Leverage promotions across the client base to help increase revenues.

  • Understand the reaction of individual customers to various offerings as they become available, and to adjust accordingly.

  • Cross-sell promotions using its new customer segmentations and intelligence as guidelines.

Customer loyalty has improved month on month—in both per-customer loyalty and the overall rate of increase.