Accenture Labs: Applied Research empowering our cyber defense solutions

Our Cybersecurity Research and Development Group features a diverse team of cyber security research experts devoted to solving the most challenging problems in Cyber Defense.

As the threats, scale and sophistication of cyber attacks continues to increase, we must develop new techniques and capabilities that allow cyber defenders to Know, See, Be and Expel the threat. In this highly adversarial environment, we're dedicated to transform the way businesses operate with disruptive capabilities to empower cyber defenders.

We envision the future.

We look forward to See the future of the business enterprise and the future of the threat. We have our eyes on the digital horizon to anticipate the challenges and the solutions of the future. Our Security Vision, part of the Accenture Tech Vision, captures these trends and shows how we think about cyber defense challenges and opportunities that digital enterprises face in the future. It is a call to action to think, plan and prepare.

We don’t just think, we do.

Our applied research team ideates, develops, prototypes and pilots cutting edge capabilities that lead the industry 3-5 years in thought leadership. While many of our research projects are multi-year, our learnings and techniques within that life-cycle are fly-wheeled into our Security solutions as they are proven. This gives Accenture Security the ability to bring our clients leading capabilities well ahead of the industry.

We take the best.

The Cybersecurity R&D team brings together leading global expertise from industry, intelligence, academia, and the start-up ecosystem. We are based in Washington DC and Herziliya, Israel—the two epicenters of Cyber innovation and talent. We work closely with Accenture Ventures to identify and collaborate with emerging start-ups. We team with the leading Universities in Cyber Defense, High Performance Computing and Advanced Analytics. We partner closely with Accenture Security on the cyber front lines to provide critical insights that help clients develop holistic and mission-focused security and active defense strategies. And we work with our leading clients to co-innovate--piloting our research with real business conditions and data.


The Security R&D group develops and incubates solutions that will improve our clients' cyber defense strategies and capabilities. With the sophistication of threats increasing, businesses are operating in a highly adversarial information technology (IT) to operations technology (OT) environments. To effectively defend the enterprise, businesses need threat centric management, advanced detection techniques, machine speed response and effective risk management techniques.

Threat Intelligence: Operationalize threat intelligence by improving the ability to collect, normalize, contextualize, analyze, and share with a focus on actionability of the data.

Security Analytics: Create a dedicated accelerated big data solution for cyber security defense that can hunt/analyze data faster at scale to find unknown threats and zero-day malware to further harden cyber defense.

Cyber Defense: Identify effective methods to enable proactive cyber defense through orchestration of security response processes, use of software defined networking, deception networks and decoy documents, and advanced analytics.

Industrial Internet of Things Security: Create strategy and research agenda to identify risks, understand consequences and implement the necessary the security controls of an intelligent and connected world.

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