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Infrastructure transformation services

Infrastructure transformation helps clients manage changes in their infrastructure, allowing investment in efficient operating models.


Accenture’s clients recognize that they spend a high proportion of their annual budgets on infrastructure—an expense they are finding increasingly difficult to justify in terms of business value. The reason behind this difficulty: Too often, IT infrastructure is inflexible and has become overly complex through organic growth rather than following a holistic, forward-looking strategy.

In short, they need to transform their infrastructures to enable business agility.

Accenture Infrastructure Transformation services provide the relevant strategy, blueprints, assessment tools, road maps and operating models to plan these transformations, as well as comprehensive and industrialized services to manage the change.

With 15,000-plus infrastructure professionals worldwide, Accenture brings our clients extensive knowledge and experience.

Why Accenture

Accenture is uniquely positioned to help clients achieve high performance through infrastructure transformation services. We offer:

  • A business focus. Extensive knowledge and experience. We have more than 15,000 infrastructure professionals worldwide.

  • A business focus. We are committed to delivering service-oriented solutions that generate measurable business results.

  • A business focus. We can recommend and deploy diverse sourcing models to scale the infrastructure as needed.

  • A business focus. We leverage the Accenture Global Delivery Network to provide infrastructure services to clients around the globe.

  • A robust set of delivery frameworks and methodologies. We offer field-tested tools, methodologies and practices, and custom and pre-built solutions.

  • A holistic approach. We focus on delivering the infrastructure technologies, as well as the supporting operational processes and tools, to enable high performance.

  • Industry know-how. We offer tailored solutions for the communications, media and technology, financial services, products, health and public service and resources sectors.

  • Vendor independence. We have strong relationships with technology providers who work with us to deliver market-leading infrastructure solutions—and we choose the right products to support our clients’ business strategies.

  • Specific Services

    Our Infrastructure Transformation team provides a comprehensive road map that enables your organization to create an agile infrastructure and outsourcing services to help you manage your infrastructure:

    • Microsoft
    • Network transformation
    • Infrastructure outsourcing
    • Workplace transformation
    • Data center transformation
    • IT operations transformation
    • Infrastructure transformation
    • Accenture & Cisco Business Group