Enterprise Value Targeting: From insight to action

Enterprise value targeting provides benchmarking, assessment, and analytic capabilities to help identify value creation opportunities.


In today’s complex and volatile global economy, it is critical for the CFO and other senior leaders, such as the heads of HR, IT, Procurement, and Supply Chain, to have a true understanding of cost, capabilities, and performance across the enterprise. However, without a fact-based assessment, including comparison against competitors and peers, these senior leaders lack the critical insight they need to identify the most important value creation opportunities.

Enterprise Value Targeting provides a multi-dimensional benchmarking capability to identify key opportunities and to inform strategic direction. It helps enable the CFO, CHRO, CIO and other senior leaders to gauge where the organization leads, lags or operates at par with other organizations by measuring, assessing and tracking opportunities to assist in driving value across the whole enterprise.

We offer benchmarking capabilities that cover:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain / Operations.

Why Accenture

Accenture Enterprise Value Targeting is uniquely positioned to help organizations in delivering greater value by providing a single, integrated, quantitative benchmarking capability. We offer:

  • A proven methodology and approach, blending quantitative and qualitative assessment with industry, process, organization, and technology expertise. We focus on gaining insights to help identify the actions required to help drive greater value. We can help the CFO and other senior leaders such as the heads of HR, IT, Procurement, and Supply Chain to create real value for the organization by highlighting the root cause of a problem and by suggesting potential solutions.

  • A highly skilled team comprising a blend of functional and industry subject matter experts and benchmarking analytics specialists, all utilizing standard tools and templates. This is informed by our experience in implementing solutions.

  • Powerful assets and intellectual property, including an extensive database covering hundreds of organizations across numerous industries.

Specific Services

Accenture Enterprise Value Targeting can assist organizations with:

  • Benchmarking and current state assessment: A rigorous assessment utilizing both qualitative and quantitative analysis to help provide an understanding of how an organization or function performs compared with its peers.

  • Opportunity identification and quantification: Translation of the benchmarking results into prioritized and quantified improvement opportunities and relevant improvement targets.

  • Action planning: Development of an actionable roadmap to help successfully make the improvements and assist in turning competitive knowledge into competitive advantage.