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Accenture e-commerce solution: Capturing the potential of omni-channel commerce

Devise, implement and evolve superior omni-channel commerce capabilities to make the most of your investment.


Omni-channel is here to stay. Consumers, employees and business partners leverage a variety of channels to reach their objectives—whether it is researching product information, completing transactions or collaborating. With all these channels comes tremendous opportunities—and tough challenges.

Meeting these challenges demands that companies have new capabilities. Companies need more integrated and scalable technology and back-end processes. They need more cross channel marketing expertise and more organizational flexibility and collaboration. Analytic capability is key to truly understand—and respond to—consumer behavior. What’s more, a holistic, consolidated view of the customer experience across channels is essential in today’s environment.

But how can companies evolve their omni-channel capabilities? The Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution provides unique end-to-end capabilities bringing the best of our industry and technology know-how, global scale, and singular combination of assets and services to help companies drive revenue and optimize their omni-channel commerce operations – for today and into tomorrow.

Why Accenture

Accenture is uniquely positioned to help companies realize the revenue potential and capture the operational synergies of omni-channel commerce. Our recent acquisitions of Fjord and Acquity Group further strengthen and enhance the distinctive position of the Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution and the true end-to-end capabilities rooted in:

  • Industry knowledge. Accenture has assisted companies in many industries and at different stages in their evolution to successfully overcome today’s challenges and transform their capabilities into omni-channel commerce excellence.

  • Global experience. Our teams have completed relevant projects across the world. Recent clients include a global travel company, an electronics discount retailer, global specialty retailers in the packaged goods and fashion sectors, and governmental agencies and non-governmental charitable organizations.

  • Technology excellence and alliances. Accenture brings a wealth of experience working with all major omni-channel commerce platforms, as well as global alliances that allow us to deliver the right platform and capabilities so clients make the best use of their current technology investments.

  • Unique skills and assets. Accenture skills and assets range from innovative original research and consulting expertise to the full range of technology expertise, to distinctive digital services such as mobility solutions, social media optimization, Web analytics, and digital production and content management.

  • Flexibility and scalability. Companies can consolidate, re-platform, and upgrade their omni-channel commerce capabilities quickly and efficiently, vastly expanding their reach without multiplying the costs of their commerce systems.

  • Continuous innovation. Accenture continues to invest in its own capabilities so that we can offer clients a broad range of options to enhance their omni-channel approaches, applications, capabilities and delivery models.

Specific Services

Drawing on industry, marketing, analytic and technology expertise, Accenture offers end-to-end services that help companies transform their omni-channel commerce capabilities—and with them—the customer experience. Services include the following:

  • Front-end consumer facing services such as merchandising, customer service and care, as well as digital platform integration including implementation, and application and infrastructure management of web sites, mobile, kiosks and interactive displays.

  • Back-end services such as CRM & marketing, supply chain management (order management to advanced logistics), and finance and administration.

  • Operational enablers including analytics, marketing content and production services, warehousing and courier services, and payment systems.

Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution