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Customer experience is changing

Retailers must integrate with their customers in meaningful ways to enhance customer experience.


Customers expect retailers to recognize them, remember them, relate to them and recommend relevant products. Retailers can do all of this by maximizing the data they have to create highly tailored, contextual and meaningful experiences.

Digital does not change the core fundamentals of retail but it does significantly impact how those fundamentals are delivered. It’s about using digital to improve multiple areas of your business, including technology, the physical store, the supply chain and employee enablement tools.

Retail is no longer about a location or a channel. It is about being an adaptive organization that integrates with customers’ lives in meaningful ways.

Why Accenture

Adaptive retailers must provide a consistent experience in store, on a mobile device and across social media. Accenture has the expertise and know-how to help with the customer-facing details, such as developing an intuitive user interface or using analytics to personalize and customize the shopping experience.

Improving the digital front end is so critical to our clients’ business that we made acquisitions to quickly build out our capabilities. For instance, we acquired Fjord, a global design consultancy that specializes in creating digital experiences that engage consumers across platforms. To further enhance our eCommerce and digital marketing capabilities, we acquired Acquity, the second-largest independent digital marketing company in the United States. And, through our acquisition of avVenta Worldwide, we are extending our digital production services.

And we also recognize the continued importance of the physical retail store. Customer-facing store associates are the front line of the customer experience, so they need to be more sophisticated in how they interact with customers. Connecting technology, mobility, customer and product knowledge—within and outside the physical boundaries of the store—must be a core competency of store associates.

Specific Services

Customers expect retailers to understand and deliver on their needs and preferences—no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Across all channels, customers want retailers to be relevant, engaging and useful. To overcome these challenges, retailers need to become agile organizations that can adapt to disruptions and deliver on customers’ liquid expectations.

These are just a few of the services we provide to our clients:

  • Digital in the store – payments, in-store technology, mobile devices and digitally-enabled store associates

  • Personalized experiences

  • Analytics everywhere – customer insights, merchandising, marketing

  • Omni-channel commerce & integration

  • Digital marketing & campaign management