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Specific services

Social media is at an inflection point in terms of its maturity.

It’s harder than ever for brands to be heard above the white noise of chatter in the marketplace. We help companies achieve customer relevance at scale and superior business performance through the careful application of social business strategy and an integrated customer-centric demand-driven approach.

Accenture offers a range of social media solutions from strategy, through monitoring, sales, customer care and collaboration. Our specific services include:

  • Social Media Strategy – paid, owned and earned

  • ​Organizational Design

  • Community Development and Management

  • Process Integration & Execution

  • ​Listening & Integrated Advanced Analytics

  • ​Application Development

  • Internal Collaboration and Innovation Platform Development

  • Social Customer Care and Workflow

  • Campaign Management and Optimization

  • ​Brand Management, Compliance and Governance

  • Content Marketing and SEO Strategy

Let us put our blend of insight, experience, assets, and expertise to work for you so that you can become a social business – and see tangible results.

rob harles To explore how to maximize the potential social in your business, contact Rob Harles, Managing Director and Global Head of Social Business​
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Case Studies


Why Accenture Interactive

Becoming a social business is not something that happens overnight.

Social media may enable you to treat your customers like individuals again, but you need a proper plan to take advantage of these new social channels and technologies. By combining social business acumen with technical expertise, Accenture can guide you along the path to social media success.

There is no ‘silver bullet’. And no two companies are the same. This is why we will work with you to design a social business with the ability to empower the right parts of your enterprise, while still keeping the controls needed to manage risk and maintain quality.