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In a rapidly changing business environment, organizations are increasingly investing in analytics and business intelligence to deliver insights and help them strive for a new and lasting competitive advantage.

Accenture Academy meets the needs of organizations for broader and more integrated employee skillsets by offering an extensive, proven analytics curriculum. We integrate that curriculum with a variety of specialty and business-management skills in areas such as process excellence, project management, risk management and leadership.

As a worldwide leader in innovative and effective learning solutions, Accenture Academy provides a blended, interactive and highly engaging learning environment. Our courses are designed to help organizations achieve measurable business outcomes, and our learning professionals work with clients to keep learning plans aligned with changing strategies and business goals. 



Analytics Fundamentals

Analytics Fundamentals


Accenture Academy supports industry certifications provided by leading professional societies.


Accenture Academy is listed as part of INFORMS' Continuing Education Program. Our analytics courses are instrumental in helping certified professionals accrue acceptable Professional Development Units to maintain certification.

Our Clients

Our Accenture Academy clients are realizing significant benefits in enhancing skills development, engaging top talent and improving organizational performance:

A global Products company partnered with Accenture Academy to develop a comprehensive learning program for its analytics and data-management practitioners. The three-year program leverages more than 200 individual learning assets for analytics and big data to develop learning plans across a range of analytics-delivery and business functions. The program enables the company to increase the skills and capabilities of its workforce, which is a central plank of its commitment to exploiting analytics for competitive advantage.

A global Retail company recognized the need to implement a comprehensive learning solution to support its finance organization. By selecting Accenture Academy as its learning software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, the company was able to quickly implement a learning program to support employees across the US and India in the development of finance, analytics and leadership skills. The breadth and quality of Accenture Academy's digital-training assets has enabled the client to effectively meet its learning requirements across a broad set of skills and functions within the organization. Two years after first partnering together, the client continues to expand its collaboration with Accenture Academy by adding employees from additional locations and developing plans to deploy the solution as a finance-wide program.