It has been announced that Accenture has ranked #1 in Top 10 Digital Associates Services from HFS Research for service provider solutions using conversational tools for business outcomes. Digital associates services are at the top of the building blocks of conversational tools, which are client-focused, use various pieces of the ecosystem, and are typically developed as part of a broader business or IT services relationship (as distinguished from the many products and platforms that are less customized).

Most of us think of virtual or digital assistants in the way we use them in our own personal (consumer) lives, but digital associates are working across many enterprise functions, ranging from typical customer service use cases to procurement, HR, IT helpdesk, finance, accounting, and much more.

HFS Research assessed 17 service providers for how well they are helping their clients embrace and realize results from deploying digital associates services in a wide array of business and IT functions. This research rates how well each provider performed across a defined series of execution, innovation, and voice of the customer criteria, showcasing the overall leaders and top 10 performers by sub-category. Accenture ranked #1 in Vision and Roadmap, Tech Enabled Capability, and Breath of Services and Use Cases, leading to an overall top position.

"Accenture has invested significantly in developing a full suite of AI assets designed for rapid implementation. With over 2,000 dedicated staff, a catalog of assets, and partnerships with technology vendors, Accenture’s global conversational AI practice brings a wealth of experience," said Laetitia Cailleteau, Conversational AI Global Lead at Accenture.

Accenture’s data-driven approach to developing digital associates solutions for clients helps turn insights into action. For example, an Intent Discovery Tool uses AI and NLP to help clients understand why their customers are getting in touch. Using a sample of around 20,000-50,000 voice calls, Accenture can draw detailed insights from existing data.

These insights help organizations maximize the value of their contact channels and identify where automation and customer service improvements would be most impactful and drive better business results. Combined with the conversational AI platform plug and play offering which helps to make this a reality in a short amount of time.

According to Melissa O’Brien, Vice President of Research at HFS and the study lead: "Accenture demonstrated an impressive breadth of services ranging from design/build as well as ongoing service operations like AIOps and Knowledge Engineering services, and the firm's thought leadership and messaging stood out as well. These elements combined with a tremendous level of proprietary IP and other technology innovation landed Accenture at the #1 rank in our Digital Associates Services Top Ten report."

Laetitia Cailleteau

Lead – Data & AI, Europe

Shail Jain

Lead, Cloud First – Data & AI


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