In brief

In brief

  • Businesses have high expectations from NEW DATA—data that needs to be made visible, transparent, trustworthy and accessible at the point of need to different stakeholders. And why not? It is the foundation of intelligent enterprises, and it is next to impossible to leverage NEW DATA without an intelligent data platform on the cloud.
  • However, businesses need to tread with caution. This point of view helps weigh the options businesses must consider before adopting a specific data on cloud roadmap that meets their requirements of security, cost reduction and scalability while striving for flexible business architecture and faster time to insights.

Data on cloud spans a broad spectrum—from migration of on-premise storage and databases to transformation of on-premise data capture, curation and consumption components. And, depending upon an organization’s level of cloud maturity and immediate as well as future business demands.

"If strategized and implemented correctly, data on cloud can give businesses the much-needed scalability, enterprise flexibility and trustworthy data powered insights for smarter and faster outcomes."

– JAYANT SWAMY, Chief Data Architect – Data Business Group

Building cloud-based data architecture

Accenture recommends the best-fit architectural approach for adopting data on cloud:

Extend on-premise data supply chain

By augmenting its rigidity with the flexibility offered by data components on the cloud.

Modernize data supply chain on the cloud

By building a parallel data life cycle on the cloud by pro-actively aligning the data platform to the hybrid application ecosystem, thereby systematically shifting the centre of gravity of data to the cloud.

Redesign and build a new data ecosystem on the cloud

By redesigning the data supply chain on the cloud. That is, build a native data solution on the cloud.

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"Any business would be reluctant to move all its on-premise data infrastructure and solutions to the cloud, given the investments and value locked over several years. They need to adopt a more pragmatic and risk-optimized approach."

– ANIRUDDHA RAY, Data on Cloud Offering and Capability Lead – Data Business Group

Data on Cloud Solution

Accenture’s Data on Cloud solution helps organizations drive an accelerated transition to the cloud with enhanced data trust and quality. See more.

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Businesses that leverage the full potential of NEW DATA will likely gain competitive edge by building new cloud-based disruptive business models.

Jayant Swamy​

Chief Data Architect Data Business Group – Accenture Technology

Aniruddha Ray​

Data on Cloud Offering and Capability Lead Data Business Group – Accenture Technology


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