In brief

In brief

  • Accenture surveyed 120 shared services professionals in the energy, mining, chemicals, utilities and forest products industries.
  • Analysis of the total sample data shows that the overall findings are very much in line with our experience working with oil and gas companies around the world.
  • We see the emergence of Intelligent Enterprise Services (IES) and the transformational role it plays in enabling companies to reinvent themselves for added competitiveness.

Shared services are accelerating and changing

Shared services organizations are in a unique position to transform cost structure and how services are delivered across the energy enterprise. The organization is reinventing itself and leaping into a new era enabled by IES.

The expansion and growth of traditional “back office” processes into shared services has accelerated oil and gas companies’ digital and innovation agendas.

With this continued momentum of improving and automating performance, IES leaders are also being asked to scale to enable enterprise-wide change beyond cost reduction.

Digital transformation is quickly becoming a pivotal part of IES organizations. As talent needs are rapidly evolving, organizations must redefine skill profiles to be successful.

Traditional end-to-end operating model process orientations, ways of working, governance and third-party partnerships are being challenged to change to become business and outcome orientations.

"The next generation shared services model is rapidly evolving—it is customer centric, digital, agile and outcome obsessed."

— Peggy Krendl, Managing Director, Accenture

Accenture Intelligent Enterprise Services Survey

Accenture's video reveals the need for shared services is leading to the rise of Intelligent Enterprise Services. See more.

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Summary of key findings

IES is becoming the catalyst for driving enterprise-wide transformation through technology, innovation and insights. Analysis of the 120 responses reveal:

5 key findings of the survey - Integrate IES into the system, quality and not cost is the reason to shift to shared model, IES is a catalysts for digital transformation, emergence of a new breed and leaders are rethinking how to using IES.

IES continues to grow and evolve

IES is an emerging model being used to drive more value across the enterprise through technology, innovation and analytics. The opportunities to drive these tangible business and enterprise outcomes are limited only by enterprises’ willingness to seize on the opportunities. Among opportunities available to oil and gas companies:

IES will help oil and gas companies with opportunities like increased capacity, providing advise, change business models and improve outcomes and partnerships.

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