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Change or be changed: Shaping the IT workforce of the future

CIOs can bring together technology and talent to deliver business outcomes and innovation.


Today, businesses depend on technology to drive digital transformations. Yet becoming a digital business involves more than incrementally digitizing manufacturing, supply chains, marketing or other critical business functions to realize productivity and growth.

Businesses need to harness technology and talent to achieve the multiplier effect and advance their digital ambitions. No one is better positioned than CIOs to lead the change. They must adapt the culture of the IT organization to strategically upskill, attract and source the right people, while embracing distributed technology workers across the enterprise. Are we witnessing the end of the IT organization as we know it?


Key Findings

Digital means managing talent is even more complex and demanding. Three factors are affecting the existing IT organization:

  • Innovation ownership is evolving: A growing number of “new IT” workers, often embedded across the business and with strong technology skills, means that innovation happens independent of the IT organization.

  • The nature of IT work is changing: Balancing the skills trifecta—business plus digital plus technology capabilities—is a priority. IT leaders need to upskill their workforce, shifting the focus on how work is delivered and by whom and attracting and sourcing new talent.

  • The talent ecosystem is expanding: Globalization of the highly mobile IT workforce results in broad cultural and demographic shifts that place a renewed focus on the diversity of IT talent.

IT leaders need to manage not only the role of the IT organization, but also the impact on the broader technology workforce across the enterprise.

Executive Insights on Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future with Raymond J. Oral, CIO, CNA Financial


Talent Development Insights on Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future with Raymond J. Oral, CIO, CNA Financial

Three actions to manage the digital demands of the future include:

  • Invent the new IT organization: Harness technology talent so that the IT organization is both orchestrating and driving innovation—what technology to deliver and how.

  • Adapt to the changing talent ecosystem: Identify and fix legacy workforce issues and deliver multispeed IT—reskilling talent, teams and capabilities to introduce the flexibility and versatility required.

  • Adopt a “new IT workforce” mindset: Create a workforce plan to reskill, attract and source talent that will match the digital demands of the business and IT, using analytics, mobility, cloud and other emerging technologies.

Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future


IT must be a partner in driving business value. See how Technology leaders will shape the IT workforce of the future.





Diana Bersohn

Diana Bersohn
Managing Director – Accenture Strategy,
IT Strategy

Diana Bersohn is a managing director in IT Strategy within Accenture Strategy. Ms. Bersohn is a leader in strategy and transformation, specializing in global IT operating models and large scale business and technology transformational work within the Financial Services industry. With over 20 years experience in consulting, she has focused on assisting clients in enhancing business value and increasing competitive advantage through revenue growth strategies and increasing efficiency.

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