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Banking on Value: 2016 North America Consumer Digital Banking Survey highlights

To deliver customer experiences that provide increased value, retail banks must do things differently.

Accenture’s 2016 North America Consumer Digital Banking Survey found that banking consumers want deals, discounts, relevance and banking experiences that combine digital banking with human interaction—all at the same time.

Four key insights from the survey reveal that banks must provide value to customers—or risk losing them. They need to deliver customer experiences that blur the lines between the physical and digital environments:

Insight 1—Hunting for value is hot: Forty-five percent of consumers say the top reason they would stay loyal is if their bank offered discounts on purchases of interest.

Insight 2—Switching is not an obstacle: Eleven percent of consumers left their bank in the past year—and consumer switching to virtual banks is in double-digits.

Insight 3—Robo-advice is welcome: Forty-six percent of consumers are willing to bank using robo-advice in the future.

Insight 4—The branch is alive and well: Eighty-seven percent of consumers will use their branches in the future—and want human interaction when they go there.

To deliver banking customer experiences that provide new value, retail banks must do things differently—and do different things. Explore our Slideshare and full report to see the fundamental steps banks can take to win with customers in today’s dynamic banking environment.