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Digital supply chain planning in chemicals

Six capabilities chemical companies should embrace to gain a competitive advantage.


Leveraging the digitalization of supply chain planning, chemical companies can address several industry-specific challenges and make an important leap to becoming competitive digital businesses.

To realize this game-changing opportunity, chemical companies should evaluate six key digital supply chain planning capabilities and develop them according to their unique position in the market, using an agile and scalable model. Since operational efficiency is the prevailing value lever across the supply chains of all chemical industry segments, these capabilities can improve profitability. As such, the organizations that master the right mix of digital supply chain capabilities will be best positioned to innovate, compete and succeed in a fully digital business future.


Capabilities to master

To help gain an edge over the competition, there are six key digital supply chain capabilities that chemical companies should master.

Key Actions to get started

Current digital maturity, industry segment and business strategy will dictate a company’s path to digitalization. Accenture suggests four steps to get started on establishing the right mix of digital supply chain capabilities.


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