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Business Facing Down Cybercrime Wave

Global business is wrestling with a cybercrime epidemic. Attacks by increasingly sophisticated and well-funded digital adversaries have resulted in financial losses, alienated customers and damaged reputations.

In many cases, attackers are reaching the high ground in the battle for business data. Access to the latest hacker tools has never been easier, and the costs associated with these tools continue to decline.

Cyber-attacks can rapidly derail an enterprise’s ability to create value. To thrive, business leaders should consider three approaches to effectively manage cyber risks:

  1. Actively engage to make the business a better security “customer”

  2. Strengthen the partnership between the business and security

  3. Continuously exercise organizational defenses



Our high-risk environment compels business leaders to recognize that virtually every part of the enterprise is in play and take steps to ensure they remain resilient enough to withstand attacks.

Recognize Your Role

Even companies with the best security operations can be bad security customers. While no organization can defend itself from all cyber-attacks, the likelihood of the detection and elimination of cyber threats can increase precipitously if the business side is fully engaged with the security team. 


Recommendations to help bring risk down to a manageable level include:

  • Keep security on the agenda

  • Recognize the complexity of the challenge

  • Work together to identify the organization’s critical data

  • Evolve the organizational culture to attract and retain top-tier security talent

Engaging Business Leaders For The New Normal

Meet The Team

Bill Phelps
Bill Phelps
Managing Director
Global Security Services

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Ryan LaSalle
Ryan LaSalle
Managing Director – Accenture Security
Growth & Strategy and Cyber Defense Lead

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Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards
Managing Director
North America Security Practice

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Matt Devost
Matt Devost
Co-founder and CEO of FusionX

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Steven Culp
Steven Culp
Finance & Risk Services

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David Smith
David Smith
Senior Managing Director
Talent & Organization

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