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Digital disruption continues to impact the Communications & Media ecosystem in significant ways…

Changing Rules Of The Game

Barriers to entry are collapsing, and historic positions of strength are eroding.

Shift And Disruption Of Value

Growth across many Communications & Media companies’ core businesses is flat or declining in the face of low cost digital alternatives.

The Liquid Customer Is On The Rise

Content is freely accessible and consumer loyalty is fleeting. Customized and personalized experiences are expected—but at what cost?

The Playbook Is Outdated

Outdated infrastructures inhibit many companies’ ability to pivot and grow—keeping some Communications & Media companies behind the curve.


Given these challenges, Communications and Media companies are moving with urgency toward a digitally transformed future. Yet difficult decisions abound even as the stakes get higher.

Communications Companies

Communications companies have unique strengths in engaging digital consumers, owning both connectivity and customer data. Which new strategies will prevail as communication companies look to create their digital future? What role should platforms, intelligent networks, and related direct-to-consumer initiatives play?

Media Companies

Content providers and broadcasters also face some far-reaching choices. They need to decide—and decide quickly— between clear strategic options. 1) Determine whether they are able to build their own platform on which to ride the waves of disruption, or 2) Partner with other distribution platforms to successfully and sustainably monetize content.

The Communications & Media Capabilities To Compete With Disrupters

A digitally disrupted world brings intensity of competition yet increasingly provides new windows of opportunity. In this environment, the ability to engage, retain, and monetize digital consumers requires an efficient operating model combining scale, agile product development and a strong technology delivery capability, to provide next generation IP services and immersive customer experiences. All communications and content providers must leverage their assets in new and smarter ways to compete.


A digitally transformed future is a given for Communications and Media companies. But how can companies create their future while sustaining the present? The roadmap will mean Rotation to the New—a conscious and deliberate act of renewing and transforming core businesses, while growing into new businesses and industries. Pivoting to the new digital future will involve four key steps:


Transform the Core

Create new cash flows from current operations.

Use analytics to translate data into actionable insights.

Renew infrastructure to set the stage for growth.


Grow the Core

Capture new SmartHome and IoT opportunities.

Design data-led omni-channel customer experiences.

Embrace cloud.


Scale the New

Package investments to enable new business models.

Build digital platforms to extend reach.

Build a data-driven enterprise and data monetization business.


Time the Pivot

Focus on market expectations.

Experiment: fail fast and learn.


We help Communications & Media companies capture new growth by shifting to experience-led, data-driven and open platform-based models—becoming unstoppable providers of next generation IP services and immersive customer experiences.


We deliver innovative solutions, tailored to each client. Accenture has the industry organization and seasoned leadership that enables clients to quickly and effectively exploit the synergistic opportunities in industry convergence.

Francesco Venturini

Francesco Venturini is the Global Lead for Communications and Media for Accenture.

In this role Francesco develops and implements Accenture’s industry strategy program for the Communications and Media practice.

With over 15 years of Broadcasting industry experience, Francesco is known for shaping strategies that empower broadcasters to effectively compete in the fast changing, multiplatform, digital era. Throughout his career he has led large, complex transformation programs for emerging and established businesses. He has also been instrumental in revolutionizing the development and launch of disruptive digital video services.

Prior to leading the Communications and Media industry, Francesco served as the Managing Director for Global Media and Entertainment at Accenture, as well as the Global Lead for Accenture Digital Video.

Francesco is a regular speaker at industry conferences such as IBC, NAB and Emmy’s Academy. He is also the author of thought leadership and whitepapers on issues including: OTT, Rights Management, and Shareholder Value Management.

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Lynn McMahon

Lynn McMahon is the North America Media and Entertainment Lead and the Global Digital Advertising Lead for Accenture.

Lynn has extensive experience leading high-profile technology and digital transformation engagements with large Accenture clients and is the executive sponsor of one of Accenture’s largest telecommunications industry accounts. She has held a number of leadership positions within the Accenture Communications, Media and Technology operating group and is also the office managing director for Accenture in New York Metro.

Lynn is the founder of the Accenture Innovation Center in New York Metro, founder and executive sponsor of the Accenture Women’s Leadership Forum, and a recipient of Accenture’s prestigious “Great Place to Work for Women” award. A renowned speaker, she has represented Accenture at conferences and events such as the Catalyst Awards Conference and the International Women’s Forum.

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Gavin Mann

Gavin Mann is the Global Broadcast Industry Lead and EALA Media and Entertainment Lead for Accenture.

Gavin works across the value chain in multiple industries including Broadcast, Music, Movies, Games and Publishing.

Gavin is a recognized public speaker and has authored multiple articles and point of views in the Media industry on topics including: Consumer and Industry Evolution and Trends, Media Convergence, Over the Top/Broadband Video, 4K TV, Rights Management, and Shareholder Value Analysis. Since 2013 he has served on the advisory board for The Royal Television Society’s annual flagship conference and he recently joined the advisory council for the International Broadcast Convention (IBC).

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Manish J Mehta

Manish Mehta (Manny) is the North America Communications Lead for Accenture.

Manny has more than 25 years of experience helping global companies drive toward high performance with comprehensive programs for marketing/customer care transformation, CRM, ERP, Cyber Security, as well as other Technology cost reduction and outsourcing initiatives.

In particular, Manny is recognized for his aptitude in orchestrating large-scale programs from concept to completion, and for consistently creating opportunities for clients and proposing compelling, value-added solutions for their businesses.

Over his 30-year career, Manny has focused on driving significant change programs for major U.S Communications and Cable providers. He has held numerous Accenture leadership positions, most recently in support of leadership development, CEO Advisory Council and driving recruiting at Cornell University.

An accomplished speaker, he has addressed Accenture conferences and industry organizations including the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA).

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Giorgio Migliarina

Giorgio Migliarina is the Communications and Media Industry lead for the Asia-Pacific region. Giorgio joined Accenture from Telekom Malaysia, where he was Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, responsible for network design, delivery and operations, IT; innovation and R&D. Prior to joining Telekom Malaysia, Giorgio was a partner at a consultancy based in London and Beijing, working with telecom operators, high tech manufacturers and media clients across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Giorgio has a strong track record in managing large-scale projects from deployment of complex network and ICT to overall transformation of large sales organizations.


In order to succeed in the fast-changing Communications and Media industries, our clients partner with us to exploit industry convergence, provide immersive customer experiences, increase differentiation and compete at scale. 


Communications and Media companies can thrive in today’s disrupted marketplace by shifting to platform-based models, aggregating content for next generation IP services, applying omni-channel, exploiting new IT and transforming networks to better serve customers.


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