Workplace Services Coordinator



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Workplace Management & Service Solutions


University of Bucharest


A people which is able to say everything becomes able to do everything.

Napoleon Bonaparte

1769-1821, French Emperor 

What I Do

I am part of the Accenture Workplace Solutions department which is a Internal Functions at Accenture, responsible for the company's real estate portfolio, workplace design, life safety and technology. We also cover the workplace operations that support all Accenture employees, including facilities management, office and executive support services, space management and travel.

My key role is to manage the areas of Safety and Security, Travel, Meetings and Events and Seat Planning being accountable for the day-to-day implementation, delivery and quality of these services for Romanian offices.

This also means that I have to manage contract relationships with external service providers and independently resolve escalated issues.

Day in my Life

Every day in Accenture comes with different challenges.

I start my day with a healthy breakfast at home. Usually I get to work around 9 and start with my agenda for the day, writing down some “To dos”. After this I start multitasking: reviewing the need for office space and planning ahead the number of seats and the size of the office area needed by each team, coordinate with local business leadership the logistical details for the upcoming client visits or events, follow up with vendors on the needed offers, completing reports or discussing with my colleagues about our daily queries.

I would say that communication, a good task -management and multi-tasking and are my key words of the day.

Outside the Office/Work

I am an energetic person, I go to gym two times a week, jogging, cycling and swimming, and I am proud to say  that last year I participate with my colleagues to the Bucharest International Marathon relay.

Also I try to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. I enjoy fashion and traveling and I take the time to visit a new place at least once a year.

My Advice

Accenture is a great place to start your career - you have the chance to share your knowledge with other colleagues from around the world, but also to learn from them and work together.

Accenture is full of challenges and has the best people delivering high performance!