Energy and Utilities Manager



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Industry Solutions & Services


Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Smart, endless possibilities

What I Do

To put it simply: I find and solve issues. I think being a consultant it's like a good Sherlock Holmes novel. There is a plot (the problem that is presented by the client to Accenture), various characters some of them good (the client's staff) some of them not so good (competitors) and intrigue (the questions that we ask and investigations that we do). And at the end there is a happy conclusion where the problem is solved, the client is happy and the world is a better place. :) 

Day in my Life

My days are rarely alike. Generally my activity revolves around the project our team is working on, seeded with one or two hours dedicated to developing new proposals to potential clients.

I try to finish the work day by 7:00 PM and to dedicate a couple of hours to socializing with my team colleagues or to work on personal ideas and projects.

I also find time to learn new skills and once or twice a year I participate in trainings organized in Romania or abroad.

Outside the Office/Work

Currently we are expecting a new addition to our family, so I spend most of the time with my wife, preparing for the arrival of our baby girl. Otherwise, I'm spending time on learning about and improving skills in my latest hobby - sailing.

My Advice

Find out what you would enjoy doing and focus on that. Be earnest about it during your interview - there is no sense in passing the interview just to find yourself in an environment or role that you do not like.