Service Delivery Team Lead



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

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Bucharest University of Economic Studies
The key of sustainable success is trust and respect for the people and from the people!

What I Do

I am a Team Lead for a Finance and Accounting project in the Operations Delivery Center in Bucharest and my main objective is to coordinate my team so we can deliver the best services to our client. Another important aspect of my role is to create a comfortable work environment and development opportunities for my team.

I am also a Business Advisor and, in this role, my focus is to develop strong relationships with our client and continuously identify new opportunities to improve the processes performed both by the team and the client.

An important part of learning is to pass on the information, so I also became a trainer because I want to share my knowledge with other colleagues and encourage them to apply the new skills in their work.

Day in my Life

Every morning starts with a big cup of coffee, giving me the time to plan my day. The work day begins with a team meeting during which we discuss the activities for the day. On this occasion I also have the opportunity to address any potential issues that might arise. My team delivers RTR (Record to Report) and PTP (Procure to Pay) services, so the activities can differ from day to day. That's why it is very important to allocate effectively the tasks among team members. 

In the rest of the day, the activities I focus on vary: discuss the project's stakeholders, prepare and participate to client telephone meetings, participate in internal forums. 

One thing is clear: the days are not alike making this a dynamic work environment.

Outside the Office/Work

My favorite free time activity is to go in the middle of the nature and taste its wonders. I am a dynamic person and I enjoy playing sports with my friends, dancing and laughing. But if the weather does not allow outdoor activities, watching a good movie, reading a good book or having a nice conversion with a friend are always pleasant.

My Advice

Accenture provides a dynamic work environment and here you will have the chance to meet interesting people and to grow professionally. So my advice is to always seek to test your limits and develop your skills.