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University Politehnica of Bucharest

I have joined Accenture six years ago, with seven years of previous experience, in different roles, both for small and medium companies and also for large companies. Joining Accenture was the best professional decision from my carrier and I'm proud of being a part of this great company.

What I Do

As a Manager in charge with Financial Services, my work is diverse and this is exactly what I enjoy the most! 

My activity varies from one day to another. It can be all about the meetings with the clients to understand their needs and to identify the business opportunities, preparing proposals and negotiating contracts. 

On the side I have many other activities, such as: project management, participating in marketing events or meeting different partners or the Accenture Financial Services Industry team or meeting the people that I coach.

Day in my Life

Most probably one of the main reasons for staying at Accenture is that, despite being a large company with procedures, rules and roles, our people and our services are so dynamic and diverse that this makes every day different.

In general my days at Accenture are dictated by my client’s plans so my entire activity revolves around my clients and my meetings with them. Then come: internal conferences, meetings with colleagues, trainings, etc.

Outside the Office/Work

I believe we need to do our best to have a balanced life; we need to fight for having a good professional career but we also need our life outside the office. For me going home playing with David my 2 years (almost) boy is the best time of the day and the best time of my life :). Since I have David I do not have too much time left for other things but I still enjoy meeting my friends; having a nice dinner with my husband or reading a book or watching a movie. 

My Advice

When you're preparing your application, keep in mind that the CV should reflect the educational and experience background but should also speak about your individual main differentiators and career objectives. It should be simple and short and most of all, honest.

The first impression always counts, so when you are going for an interview be on time and make your homework about the company. During the interview you should be confident but not arrogant and look your interviewer in the eyes. Also, remember that it's better to say that you don't know and show that you are willing to learn, than to give a bad answer.