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Bucharest University of Economic Studies

I weighted carefully my decision to come at Accenture and I haven't regretted it for a second. So far it has been a great journey and there are still many exciting things ahead. I am not aware of other company on the Romanian market that can give you this kind of industry insights, skill enhancement and exposure to international work environments. On a personal note, I have great memories about the places I visited and people I met.

What I Do

I am a Financial Services Consultant and I work on projects in banking industry - sometimes remotely (from Accenture offices) but most often from client's office. My work is very diverse - I can work on business projects, on functional ones (the teams that define the requested behavior of an  system) or on technical assignments.

The team size varies from 5 to 100 or more people, that's why the project is always divided into different streams (smaller teams) working in parallel or together. Usually I am responsible for one or more smaller streams, I share responsibility with my colleagues or I work in a stream coordinated by one of my colleagues. In either case, I am responsible for the work I do as well as helping my colleagues complete their work and suggest improvements whenever I can. 

Generally I have tasks as: preparing project materials, presentations, meeting  the client representatives or administrative tasks related to the project (contracts, budget, tasks completion documents etc. )

Day in my Life

It might sound like a cliché but you should expect a lot of diversity from your days at Accenture. Some days are standard, when I come at the Accenture office around 9 AM, but on other days I might have to wake up at 5 AM in order to catch the flight to a client's location or wake up a 6 AM in order to add the final touches to the presentation for the morning meeting. 

During the day I am be engaged in a lot of different activities. I have telephone conferences with the client to talk about the alignment or status of our activities, meeting with my colleagues from Romania and other countries in order to brainstorm on our project's stream strategy or work together on some documents or presentations. Sometimes I just work alone the entire day preparing project the materials that will be delivered to the client such as: user acceptance test (test performed by the final users of a certain system in order to check compliance with the specification) documents or status reporting presentations.

At other times I take time for administrative tasks such as updating project budget, verifying contracts from business point of view or just updating an excel with team's holidays and check that all the work for the different streams will be covered during break.

Outside the Office/Work

The job at Accenture can be both challenging and engaging. People often ask me if working at Accenture means that you will have to work long hours. The answer is ""No"". If you are passionate about your job and trying constantly to improve your work, you might go the extra mile in order to satisfy the client's and on some evening may forget that work schedule is finished. That's why it I advise you to have hobbies, activities scheduled after office hours or someone at home to remind you it is time to leave work. 

At Accenture we have many activities that we can do together - there are teams that participate in football or tennis competitions and people that train together for the marathon. 
I also like to spend my free time travelling, working on my fashion blog or running (I participate each year in the  Bucharest International Marathon, as part of Accenture's half-marathon team).

My Advice

When preparing your CV, less is more. Some say that a CV longer than 1 page concisely your previous experience, studies and extracurricular activities. Also, you should avoid using colored background, unprofessional pictures or funny email address.

Come to the interview on time and prepared. Searching on the internet information about the company, the business area or the characteristics of your future job only takes few minutes and it can give you a great advantage over the other candidates. Also know your strengths and weakness (and the ways you found to oversee them) and be ready to provide details about a job you maybe had a few years ago.

Dress appropriately (smart casual does not actually means smart casual when we talk about your image in front of your future employer), talk respectfully about your previous employers and try to be confident rather than arrogant.

If are participating to an assessment center, remember that people will assess your ability to work on a team. It is good to win a debate but not with the cost of crushing your peer. Be friendly and enthusiastic, respect other people opinions, bring arguments and be persuasive rather then aggressive. And don't forget to enjoy your time, you are joining a great company!