Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


University of Bucharest

What I Do

I am a Consultant within the Telecommunication Industry and currently I am working in an Operational Support System(OSS) project for a major telecommunications company from Romania.

I am specialized in Service Oriented Architecture System Integration with a strong focus on Oracle products. During my past five years at Accenture, I've worked on various projects in industries such as: transportation, telecommunications or banking, both in Romania and abroad.

Day in my Life

I do most of my work at the client's office, but for the meetings my IT colleagues that work on other projects I go to the Accenture office.

My activity spans over all phases of our project: analysis of the issue, designing and building the solution, testing. For this I am constantly following various streams and activities.

I begin each day by checking my e-mail, and based on the requests and information received from the client and colleagues, I am establishing priorities and I am planning my day or week. 

Two times a week I am meeting my colleagues from the project team, for our internal status review. This is the time when we discuss the activities we have to perform, the issues we face and we form a common action plan.

Outside the Office/Work

In the summer, I enjoy the sun and nice weather to the fullest by jogging, cycling or simply laying down in the grass and reading a book (Russian authors are my favorites) and if the weather allows it, I get up in the car and go to seaside in Romania or Bulgaria.

For the winter time, I prefer the mountains because I love to ski. And all year round, when the evening comes I like to meet up with friend in one of the nice terraces and restaurant from old center, to have a drink and talk.

My Advice

If you want a place with warm and beautiful people, where respect for the employee is a core value and the communication is encouraged, where you can work on diverse activities and projects, then Accenture is the right choice.