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Accenture has established a distributed management consulting model that provides specialized industry and functional expertise based in a network of prominent global locations, to help clients address their most pressing issues and pursue opportunities with greater flexibility and speed.

Capability Network consists of over 2,000 consulting professionals and complements our in-country teams to deliver cutting-edge expertise and measurable value to our clients. Expanding the Capability Network (CN) is a highly strategic initiative designed to reinvent management consulting and build competitive advantage on a global scale.

Warsaw Capability Network Team characteristics:
  • Skills - specialist, expert level within core industries or function

  • Mobility - ability to travel and work across Europe and beyond

  • Additional European languages e.g. German, French, Italian - strong asset     

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Strategy & Sustainability

As executives and government leaders assess strategy in an increasingly globalized, volatile marketplace, most are finding that the same critical success factors abide: strong leadership, the ability to understand and respond to shifts in the environment, a robust pipeline of growth initiatives, a focus on continuous improvement and an agile operating model. Accenture helps executives carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select the strategic direction with the strongest stakeholder value potential.

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Financial Services

Accenture is helping our banking, capital markets and insurance clients meet the operational, technology, customer relationship and risk challenges of a changed industry to gain competitive advantage and achieve high performance.

Banking supports banks primary services like lending, checking, savings, mortgages, ATMs, credit card services, online and mobile banking. We also support a wide range of regulatory reporting and compliance functions. We bring Accenture’s deep knowledge to help our clients modernize and transform their core banking processes and systems in order to boost revenues and growth as well as achieve high performance.

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Insurance practice delivers across value chain (from product manufacturing to distribution, underwriting, policy and administration, claims and finance and risk management). The Insurance team has delivered to client in the areas like business strategy, target operating models, analytics, risk management, strategic cost optimization, process reengineering, finance transformation and organizational performance.

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Globalization has affected capital markets in a number of ways. For capital markets firms to achieve high performance they need to understand the dynamics of the emerging economic order. While any forecast of what the capital markets industry will look like is somewhat unclear, the capital markets industry has always been characterized by a couple of key characteristics that will likely not disappear and that have even been reinforced by the development towards a multi-polar world prior to the crisis. Among those are: a constant pressure on margins, the sudden rise of new competitors, the need to create new products—and get them to market—quickly.

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Effective risk management requires—and Accenture delivers—a unique combination of functional depth; industry knowledge; technology skills such as data mining, risk analytics and systems integration; and business transformation experience. Each of these strengths is vital to helping companies enhance risk-focused decision making; model and analyze business information; develop early warning solutions that can detect emerging threats and opportunities; embed risk management capabilities across the organization; and help organizations transform risk management into a growth-enabling capability and a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

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Operations that embody innovation and operational excellence are vital to enhancing long-term profitability. By combining pioneering solutions with practical know-how, Accenture helps clients align underlying process and operating models to support business strategies, link the supply chain to the end-to-end value chain, and create flexible operations that enable rapid response to changing customer demands and market opportunities.

Sourcing and Procurement. Rapidly evolving technologies and the emergence of new business models have contributed to the sudden expansion in cost-reduction and growth opportunities associated with sourcing and procurement. Most businesses, however, are unsure about how to transform their procurement organizations to constantly reduce costs while maximizing value from supplier relationships. As one of the world's leading providers of procurement consulting and outsourcing services, Accenture helps its clients reduce costs, enhance shareholder value and achieve high performance by cutting operating expenses, improving capital allocations and generating new revenue streams. We leverage our relationships with companies like Ariba, Emptoris, Oracle and SAP to provide clients with a technology-based edge.

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Operations and Process Transformation. Accenture Operations and Process Transformation takes an end-to-end approach to achieving excellence in execution. We drive measureable business benefits that transcend cost-cutting to deliver a true “execution advantage,” swifter, simpler and more flexible responses, and rigorous process execution across the enterprise to ensure certainty of outcomes.

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Business Process Management (BPM) establishes a sustainable process management capability that empowers organizations to embrace and manage process changes successfully. Because it incorporates both human resources and technology—culture, roles and responsibilities, as well as data content, applications and infrastructure—the approach enables fully informed decision-making right across an organization.

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Supply Chain Management. Accenture Integrated Planning and Fulfillment helps clients to turn their supply chains into engines that drive their business strategies, sense, shape, and respond to demand from customers and end consumers. This approach balances the tradeoffs between service levels, operating expenses and fixed/working capital in order to move the right product through the right channels more efficiently, securely and quickly. Accenture takes a transformational approach to helping companies build world-class integrated planning and fulfillment capabilities. We help design the right operating model to integrate product development and channel strategies. Our approach incorporates network design, supply chain analytics, sales and operations planning, supplier and customer collaboration, all the way through to the tactical processes of order-to-cash.

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Finance & Enterprise Performance (F&EP)

In our Capability Network Finance and Enterprise Performance practice, we work with our clients to help them successfully transform their finance management capabilities. Join our Finance & Enterprise Performance team to reveal to our clients the relationship between finance mastery and achieving high performance and to deliver experience and resources that can help them master their finances.

In our Finance & Enterprise Performance team you can specialize in:

  • Integrated Operating Model (incl. Shared Service Centers)

  • Enterprise Performance Management

  • Finance Functional Strategy

  • Business Transformation

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Talent & Organization (T&O)

Accenture has the approaches, frameworks and tools to help organizations improve the performance of their people and to keep that performance continuously aligned with strategic goals—helping them reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity, serve customers and achieve distinctive forms of competitive advantage. With more precision and scientific certainty, we help our clients put in place the integrated programs to:

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Accenture's Resources Operating Group works with companies in the chemicals, energy, forest products and building materials, metals and mining, and utilities industries creating shareholder value by proactively identifying and helping to drive market-making strategies and outsourcing arrangements. Accenture’s Energy industry group spans the entire energy value chain. Our clients include upstream, downstream, gas, pipeline and oil field service companies around the world. Our Utilities group has more than 30 years of experience working with electric, gas and water utilities worldwide.

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Products Operating Group specialized in business transformation, optimization and improvements across various industries in the following areas: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Commercial / Sales Transformation Customer Relationship Management, Channel Integration, Supply Chain Management. Consumer Goods & Services industry serves food and beverage, alcoholic beverage, household goods and personal care, tobacco and fashion/apparel manufacturers around the world. Retail industry serves wholesales and retailers across product segments ( for e.g. Grocery, General Merchandise, Fashion / Apparel, Consumer Electronics etc.) and across channels ( for e.g. hypermarkets/ supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores, online retailing etc.). Automotive industry serves consumers, dealers, service centers and spare parts providers with cars, buses, trucks and associated parts and service around the world. Industrial Equipment industry serves Manufacturing, Construction, Heavy industries with machinery, equipment and service around the world. Life Sciences industry group works with the following industries: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical / Surgical Devices and other companies across the life-sciences value chain, provides services such as large-scale business and technology transformation, targeted business performance improvement, and post-merger integration.

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Communications, Media and Technology (CMT)

The convergence of networks, devices and content is a way of life, and consumers have become increasingly connected. Communications service providers need to focus on increasing operational excellence to win the loyalty of the digital consumer. They also need to focus on driving growth and improving profit and cash optimization to stay viable. Accenture communications industry consulting help support the strategy, operations, IT and business functions of telecommunications service providers.

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In the Capability Network Sales and Customer Services team, we work with our clients to help them accelerate growth, improve sales productivity and reduce customer care costs. We enable them to increase the value of their customer relationships and enhance the economic value of their brands. Join our team and find out how to address every aspect of the customer experience.

In our Sales & Customer Services team you can specialize in

  • CRM Sales

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In our Capability Network Health & Public Service team, we work with healthcare payers and providers, government agencies and public service organizations around the globe. Join our team to help these clients deliver better health, social and economic outcomes for the people they serve.

In Health & Public Service team you can specialize in:

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