Fashion and Digital Collide Via Montenapoleone



Fashioning a world-class customer experience

Of the world’s four major fashion capitals, the Via Montenapoleone in Milan, with 131 of the most select brands lining a single street, can claim to be the world’s most high-end fashion avenue. But a survey of brand managers and clients showed that the customer experience was falling short of exclusive and luxurious expectations.

Determined to maintain its reputation as a global fashion capital, the district teamed with us to deliver the first digitized fashion avenue in the world—“One Luxury Destination.” This combination of physical and digital elements could establish connections with customers before, during and after they visit, creating a personalized experience that truly redefines the meaning of luxury.



Custom tailored treatment for luxury shoppers

Working together, we set the vision for what a luxury customer experience should be. And then we brought it to life with “One Luxury Destination”—a place where the digital and the physical meet to create an up-to-date international luxury fashion location. An intuitive website and app, powered by the Accenture Interactive Boutique and Adobe Experience Manager for a seamless omni-channel experience, guides visitors around the district and invites them to exclusive events. Using beacon technology, the app reaches customers who are in town and directs them to shopping experiences with their favorite brands. This allows store managers to invite them in for private appointments, providing personalized service and other perks and converting their visit to the district into sales.

A VIP lounge in the heart of the district, the first in the world to service a fashion street, represents the physical heart of “One Luxury Destination.” Cocooned in luxury, visitors can check in their luggage, sort their tax refunds, or plan their stay while enjoying a glass of champagne or an aromatic latte. The exclusive concierge service, available online or face-to-face, caters to a customer’s every whim throughout their stay to create a truly personal and luxurious experience.


Guglielmo Miani, President of Montenapoleone Association


“This digital transformation enables us to have a more open and direct dialogue with our customers, and create a lasting relationship with them well beyond their visit to the district.”




A wealth of personalized customer experiences

“One Luxury Destination” represents a whole new shopping experience, bringing the va-va-voom of Via Montenapoleone to wherever you are in the world. Visitors are treated to the glamour and exclusivity of the district from the moment they plan their trip to Milan and long after they leave—and they get to see a lot more than the shops. The concierge service will make personal appointments with favorite brands, organize chauffeurs, suggest restaurants and arrange private dining. For those with real money to burn, they can set up intimate evening viewings at one of Milan’s museums, make appointments at the Ferrari factory or arrange access to exclusive motorsport events at nearby Monza. The sky is the limit.



And “One Luxury Destination” works for the brands too. Interactive marketing initiatives such as selfie competitions saw 7,000 new registrations for one luxury brand alone in only one week. Plus an 80 to 90 percent uptake of invitations to exclusive fashion events shows that customers are delighted with their exclusive digital connection to their favorite fashion hotspot. Lastly, through the beacons and online channels, the district now has access to powerful analytics to help further personalize the customer experience and assess how they’re doing against goals.


The future of “One Luxury Destination” is looking good, too, with plans to create dedicated brand pages that’ll let clients know about new collections and let brands manage a “store window” for clients to view. Now that’s high-end shopping at its finest.