Engineering for a digital world

Innovate products and experiences at speed.

Engineering X

As markets shift and customer expectations change at speed, engineering organizations are struggling to maintain existing products while creating fresh, high-growth opportunities. Outdated processes, architectures and corporate cultures place additional hurdles in their way.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

Engineering needs a culture shift. New ways of working that are Agile, cross silos by design and support unprecedented agility. Powered by data, analytics and automation, customer feedback is included early and often in the development process for products that deliver an outstanding customer experience.

What we do

Accenture works with engineering organizations to accelerate time-to-revenue. We unlock growth by linking innovation to business value.

Build the right product faster

Build smart, software-driven products that use data inherently to improve your customers’ experience, unlock growth and inspire new business models.

Link innovation to business value

Identify the right KPIs to unlock growth, then nurture a data-driven culture to compare delivery cost to value returned.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness

Combine new ways of working with emerging technologies to reduce development cycles and target wasted effort in R&D.

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How we do it

Engineering optimization

Focus engineering on value, using data to decide on the features that matter.

Test, learn, evolve

Evolve products rapidly by shipping early and often to understand what customers value.

Lean, agile processes

Implement agile processes, instrumented to streamline delivery, increase quality and target waste.

Smarter, more connected products

We treat products holistically fusing hardware, software, connectivity, cloud and CX to create what customers want.

Intelligent product operations

Automate relentlessly to lower costs and increase throughput with analytics, machine learning and robotics.

Drive culture change

Embed new cross-functional ways of working directed by operational data and benchmarks.

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What we think

Agile prioritizes the most important features and customer requirements. Our research reveals four keys to incorporating Agile.

Reduce your time to market and R&D spend

Engineering & product operations are key in the product lifecycle—and are the primary tools used to reduce R&D spend by up to 25 percent for companies.


Software enables new experiences and shapes new value propositions. Here’s what to prioritize to get it right.

Key dimensions of platform product management

Software-driven companies are exploring platform-based business models. See examples of how companies are building for growth.


Is your digital twin a digital impostor?

Plot your course to an effective, future-proofed, unified product model.


The digital thread imperative

Within three years, 75 percent of global executives aim to have digital thread content in their organizations. Here’s a guide to successful adoption.


Accenture's Engineering Compute helps large, high-performance compute grids keep pace with today’s demands of designing, modeling, simulating, etc.

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High Tech Industry X

Reinvent product and service value chains to bring new levels of business agility and efficiency.

Production & Operations X

Innovate, engineer, manufacture and operate to take advantage of an increasingly connected world.

Service Operations X

Capture the opportunity to transform post sales relationships into an “as a service” business.

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