Accenture Labs: An incubator for security solutions

Our Cybersecurity Research and Development Group features a diverse team of technology experts devoted to uncovering innovative security tools.


We're dedicated to finding technology solutions to improve the way businesses operate in today's highly-adversarial environment.

The Cybersecurity R&D team brings together unique experiences from academia, entrepreneurship and the cyber front lines to provide critical insights that help clients develop holistic and mission-focused security and active defense strategies.

Our services take on many forms, including:

  • Making sense of diverse threat intelligence to be more creative and agile.

  • Building adaptive systems that make it more expensive for an attacker to be successful.

  • Designing operating models that help security organizations align to fast-paced technology being adopted by the enterprise.

Our researchers are constantly investigating ideas and methods to help our clients understand, adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Our researchers actively investigate stealthy cyber defense tactics, algorithmic behavior modeling and the resiliency benefits of Internet-connected devices and software-defined networks to help clients adapt.


The Security R&D group develops and incubates solutions that will improve our clients' cyber defense strategies and capabilities. With the sophistication of threats increasing, businesses are operating in a highly adversarial information technology (IT) to operations technology (OT) environments. To effectively defend the enterprise, businesses need threat centric management, advanced detection techniques, machine speed response and effective risk management techniques.

Threat Intelligence: Operationalize threat intelligence by improving the ability to collect, normalize, contextualize, analyze, and share with a focus on actionability of the data.

Security Analytics: Create a dedicated accelerated big data solution for cyber security defense that can hunt/analyze data faster at scale to find unknown threats and zero-day malware to further harden cyber defense.

Cyber Defense: Identify effective methods to enable proactive cyber defense through orchestration of security response processes, use of software defined networking, deception networks and decoy documents, and advanced analytics.

Industrial Internet of Things Security: Create strategy and research agenda to identify risks, understand consequences and implement the necessary the security controls of an intelligent and connected world.


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