Analytics Applications

The Accenture Insights Platform provides over 40 advanced analytics applications developed specifically for your industry or business need.
Accenture Insights Platform hosts an advanced analytics applications portfolio, an integrated design, build, run environment enabling the agile development of industry and function-specific analytics solutions. The applications are flexible, easily tailored and agile, providing organizations with immediate access to the tools needed to make data-driven decisions and solve complex business issues.

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Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses

Automates the loan credit loss reserve calculation process under a controlled environment.

Financial Services, Fraud and Risk

Audit Operations Efficiency

Identify more fraudulent and non-compliant claims, improve auditor case selection efficiency, and maximize savings.

Health and Public service, Fraud and Risk

Bundle Pricing

Supports the development of effective pricing strategies for offering bundles.

Telecommunications, Marketing and Customer

Call Volume Forecaster

Provides insights on forecasted call volumes and right staffing resources needed to support contact centers.

Telecommunications, Marketing and Customer

Claims Fraud

Simplifies the investigation and identification claims fraud process by using predictive modeling.

Financial Services, Fraud and Risk

Credit Collection for Utilities

Optimizes the credit collection process, defines and schedules a recovery plan to maximize debt recovery.


Cross-Border Trading Optimization

Models the price of gas, oil and power in multiple markets to reveal the best buy and sell options.


Customer Churn Management

Detects early signs of customer defection and offers insight-driven customer retention actions.

Financial Services, Marketing and Customer

Customer Potential

Analyze actual and potential value for your customer base to drive marketing and sales activity.

Financial Services, Marketing and Customer, Operations

Data Management

Allows businesses to manage consumption data for the resources market.


Early Warnings

Monitors credits from internal and external data, and provides an early warning on potentially risky customer credit activity.

Financial Services, Fraud and Risk

Energy Fraud Detection

Provides fraud risk scores, helping companies to identify risks or improper behavior that could result in losses.

Fraud and Risk

Forecaster Gas

Short-term forecasting for the gas market.


Forecaster Power

Forecaster is designed to meet the needs of short- and medium-term forecasting for the resources market.


Forecaster Renewables

Models for the generation of utilities from renewable sources.


Fraud Detection for Retail

Prevent internal and external fraud.

Products, Fraud and Risk

IT Governance

Supports IT managers in managing and sizing of infrastructure assets.

Telecommunications, Operations

Market Interface

Application for users involved in bidding on utilities platforms.


Network Predictive Fault

Predicts network incidents before they occur, allowing pre-emptive maintenance and improved service assurance.

Telecommunications, Operations

Next Best

Lets marketers identify the best product to suggest.

Financial Services, Marketing and Customer

Nomination Interface

Application for gas for daily programming to the Transport System Operator (TSO) through the needed protocol.



Comprehensive management and analysis of portfolio positions.


Pricing for Utilities

Defines an effective pricing logic to maximize margins.

Marketing and Customer

Real Time Credit Decision

The credit scoring application helps banks and financial institutions manage end-to-end development of credit scoring models.

Financial Services, Operations

Revenue Forecasting

Forecast revenues of telco companies.

Telecommunications, Operations

Revenue Fraud Prevention

Accelerates value-added tax fraud detection - operations insights, KPIS, and predictive models - and notifies when remedial action is needed.

Health and Public service, Fraud and Risk

Risk Management

Allows power market traders to industrialize the risk policy.

Fraud and Risk

Spare Parts Inventory

Delivers accurate demand forecasts for thousands of spare parts to improve inventory management and support customer satisfaction.

Products, Operations

Spend Optimizer

Provides insights into the procurement activities of typical large scale agencies to identify fraudulent or collusive activities that can drive up costs.

Health and Public service, Fraud and Risk

Telco Predictive Fraud Detection

Detects the likelihood of fraudulent behavior through analysis of internal company and external data in the telecommunications industry.

Telecommunications, Fraud and Risk

Trade Marketing Activities Optimization

Provides data-driven recommendations on the trade marketing activities that can deliver positive future results.

Products, Marketing and Customer

Trade Marketing Impact Measurement

Measures the impact trade marketing efforts have on sales through insights on activities such as promotions.

Products, Marketing and Customer

Trade Surveillance

Strengthens in-house surveillance and risk detection capabilities through big data to identify unusual and potentially risky or illicit trading patterns.

Financial Services, Fraud and Risk

Warranty Analytics

Estimates probability of suspicious activity that involve warranties.

Products, Fraud and Risk

Wealth Advisory Toolkit

Accenture's wealth advisory toolkit application allows home office to generate a prioritized list of client-specific actions.

Financial Services, Marketing and Customer

Workforce Management for Utilities

Forecasts to optimize resource planning and management processes for call-centers and field staff.


Benefits of the Application

Existing applications are flexible, easily tailored and agile, providing organizations with immediate access to the tools needed to make analytical-based decisions and solve complex business issues.

To find out more about the features please explore below

Each application is configured around an industry specific business plan and is embedded with deep industry knowledge

Applications are designed for business users, no need for statisticians to "translate" them

Applications industrialize and automate the decision making process

Each application can be enabled immediately to make business decisions with scale and agility

Applications can be designed and built in a short amount of time, and integrate fully with clients’workflow processes