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Perfect CPG Analytics

End-to-end analytics services for fact-based business decisions and high-performing execution


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies need to effectively sense demand and quickly bring to bear new products through fast, effective innovation. Products need to reach the physical and digital shelves at the right time and place. Furthermore, today’s consumers are hungry for customized, connected, cross-channel experiences—and they expect you to deliver them.

We help CPG companies bridge the gap between analytics aspiration and analytics ability through Accenture Perfect CPG Analytics, a set of end-to-end services that is designed to equip clients with information to drive growth. Our analytics-as-a-service model gives you access to a broad range of talent on demand so you can quickly align resource needs with business priorities—all at a fraction of the cost of the traditional model.

Why Accenture

Accenture Perfect CPG Analytics automates the analytics process for you—and you can rely on Accenture’s decades of CPG industry experience, proven analytics models and highly skilled analytics team members. This comprehensive portfolio of services simplifies each step in the data-driven process, from sourcing data to generating insight and identifying the right actions to deliver business value.

For example:

  • Achieve insights into your distributor sell out and inventory performance and improve the channel penetration and profitability.

  • Improve decision making throughout the supply chain to reduce costs while increasing service levels.

  • Get closer to the consumer by drawing deeper insights from “big data” and becoming more relevant based on those insights.

  • Strengthen relationships with retailers who have come to expect a level of analytics sophistication from suppliers.

Specific Services

Our high-powered analytics engine automates and speeds the path to informed, decisive action. We capture the right raw data from your business as well as your suppliers, retailers, partners and consumers. Then we apply logic that is aligned with industry-leading practices and peer averages, and transform it into actionable information and prescribed next best actions. You can begin acting on these insights within one week of using the service.

Moreover, our subscription-based service is not just about taking action based on the current state, it can also be about plotting a future plan of attack through predictive modeling, segmentation and forecasting. Our industry-specific, ready-to-use analytic capabilities that align with your business priorities include:

  • Distributor Channel Insight

  • Merchandising and Space Analytics

  • Retail Execution Insights

  • Price and Promotion Analytics

  • Forecast Optimization

  • Inventory Optimization