Win at Campaign Management 2.0

The always-changing digital marketing ecosystem is forcing a new approach to campaign management.


Digital technology is both disrupting and enabling how marketers connect with customers. Now more than ever, marketers must adapt to the realities of the digital marketing ecosystem. It is also time for a new approach to campaign management.

Campaign Management 2.0 must retain the traditional focus on the right message to the right customer through the right channel at the right time—but also go beyond it.

It must also become the nerve center of an always-on customer communication hub that coordinates communications across marketing, sales and service.

Companies that evolve to Campaign Management 2.0 can improve the performance of their marketing programs in acquiring, growing and retaining customers.

To learn more, download the PDF “Win at Campaign Management 2.0” [PDF, 746KB].

Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Forces of Change

New Operating Model

Key Questions

As marketing organizations take stock of what these trends mean for them, complex questions must be asked and answered. Several issues are particularly important for organizations to work through in order to evolve to Campaign Management 2.0.

Marketing organizations are struggling to develop the right operating model to deliver personalized marketing at scale—and do it cost effectively. Every model will look different depending on an organization’s unique situation. However, each model must work required to meet customer expectations.

When customer communications span the marketing, sales and service organizations, assigning executive ownership for the design and execution of a consistent customer experience is a challenge. Therefore, the key question is, “Which executive is best positioned to design and oversee the ongoing customer conversation?”

Communicating with customers on a personal level is critical, but getting too personal can also be too intrusive. Marketers need to be able to interpret the data they have about customers to draw the appropriate lines. Governance around frequency of marketing messages and the degree of personalization is also essential.

Building Blocks

There is another pressing question that campaign managers must ask themselves: “Am I ready to work differently to improve the customer experience?” For those who answer yes, there are exciting opportunities ahead to connect with customers in meaningful ways while growing profitable revenue.

To work effectively in this new world, there are four key areas to successfully execute this strategy:

A strong online digital presence to attract and engage with consistent personalized content to both the known and anonymous customers.

An enterprise Campaign Management 2.0 approach for consistently managing customer communications across the marketing, sales and service channels.

An optimized use of available communications channels with a focus on making the most of mobile devices.

The use of real-time contextual information for messages, offers and calls to action.