Accenture leads as the Trust as-a-Service provider

Accenture is prominently positioned in the “Winner’s Circle” in the HfS Research Blueprint Report

According to HfS Research, Accenture is in the “Winner’s Circle” in the overall top position in Trust-as-a-Service—demonstrating excellence in both execution and innovation.

Accenture’s key strengths were identified as:

  • Holistic Approach and Capabilities: Strong capabilities that address the end-to-end digital, cloud, and IoT security requirements

  • As-a-Service Focus: A growing emphasis on provider enterprise business outcome alignment and security as an enabler of customer experience.

  • Strong Focus On Countering Emerging Threats: Accenture acquired FusionX in 2015, bringing in-house the ability to stage real-world stress testing of client networks

  • Transformational Focus: A services focus that designs security architectures and business process for emerging threats

  • Emerging Security Issues: Strong focus on addressing security issues from new technology trends such as IoT and sensor data.

Accenture is, “A very solid player that has assembled a strong group of technology and business strategists who understand the nature of the evolving threats and the steps needed to proactively counter them.”

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The HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of facets under two main categories: innovation and execution.