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Shared services: Building a high-performance workplace model—Video

Learn how public sector shared services can drive government transformation.

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This video was taken at the 2013 Public Sector and Education Shared Services Summit held from June 4–6 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Governments and higher education institutions today need shared services to address the challenges of increased customer expectations and budgetary constraints. However, just like other functions, shared services need an operating model that aligns the interests of all stakeholders, especially customers, to achieve the set of targeted benefits.

In this video, Everett Ross, Deputy Director, Office of Budget and Management, State of Ohio, and Lori Elmore, Operations Director, Ohio Civil Service Employees Association, talk about the role of people, process and technology in developing an efficient public sector shared services workplace model, as well as the need for continuous training and development, and process improvement. Discussions include:

  • Sustaining the value that public sector shared services can generate

  • Understanding the customers and meeting their needs

  • Streamlining and standardizing processes

  • Building key relationships while implementing shared services across government bodies