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Three opportunities to take digital creativity one step further

Thoughts from Emmanuel Bueb, the forward-thinking CEO of Boomerang Pharmaceutical, now a part of Accenture

What inspired you to create boomerang?
We started 17 years ago as one of few digital solution providers in a new digital industry. Boomerang was actually founded off a business plan competition I took part in during my MBA, almost 20 years ago. My concept progressed when I came up with the vision statement for boomerang: “Artfully Fusing Creativity and Science.” This slogan still resonates with our objectives today.

How did you decide to focus on digital for the life sciences industry?
We saw an untapped opportunity to empower the life sciences industry with creative digital solutions. Being a boutique agency, we have always prided ourselves on our agility and, with it, our ability to create solutions that are strongly integrated with the strategic imperatives of the brands we work on. Our end-to-end digital marketing focus, combined with a highly creative approach, has enabled us to remain relevant.

What are the top three opportunities for life sciences to infuse digital creativity into their business?
First, we believe it is crucial to move from design thinking to design doing. Many companies find it difficult to infuse digital creativity into the business because it requires a change in mindset. This can be hard to achieve, but a company like Nestlé has established a digital acceleration team, which acts as a training ground for future digital leaders. There are a number of ways to make it an easier transition.

“We believe it is crucial to move from design thinking to design doing.”

Next, we encourage the development of innovation labs and rapid prototyping. Actually promoting a culture of “fail faster” encourages the normally conservative and cautious pharma industry to embrace change.

Lastly, life sciences companies need to win back the trust and confidence of patients and other stakeholders by raising the profile of digital content and providing an online presence that is personalized, un-biased and contains vibrant content assets.

What are some of the most innovative and creative digital solutions you have seen in life sciences?
One key to success is the creation of a Content Strategist to ensure that content is focused, relevant and engaging. It is often overlooked in the industry, but is essential for any digital strategy. In order to get “beyond the pill,” to understand who is reading what, why, how and where.

How do you spend your free time?
Outside of work I am a family man, and spending time running or cycling the local terrain. Each year, along with the support of the boomerang team I endure various charity events, which are highly rewarding. I love to discover new wines that are being produced by passionate wine makers and the stories they hold. I also love to meet new people and am genuinely fascinated to hear their stories and the skills they have acquired in their personal journeys. Storytelling is the same as content excellence, which is what we strive to inject into our client solutions.