Multi-access edge computing for pervasive networks


Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) transforms the topology and architecture of mobile networks from pure communication networks for voice and data to an application platform for services. Against this backdrop, the MEC should be seen as complementing and enabling the service environment that will characterize 5G.

While previous generations of mobile communication networks, such as 2G, 3G and 4G, focused primarily on media interaction – connecting people across different places – 5G will enable multiple use cases, including working in the cloud, remote control of robots, VR gaming, AR for predictive maintenance, autonomous driving and automation.

This PoV provides insight on use cases driven by the MEC architecture, the architecture and standardization activities in this area and the MEC architecture’s key challenges and benefits for communications service providers (CSPs). Learn how Accenture can help your organization take advantage of new services that have the potential to positively disrupt traditional business models and open up new opportunities for CSPs to be at the center of the ecosystem.