A Guide to Self-Disruption: Driving Growth through Enterprise Innovation Strategies in the Digital Age

In an age of digital disruption, most big companies talk about the need for innovation. In our experience, however, very few large companies have established successful innovation strategies.

Today’s digital revolution is blurring industry boundaries like never before and enabling non-traditional competitors to offer services in and around others’ core offerings. Enterprises are in a constant battle to provide differentiating experiences and maintain the loyalty of their customers. Investing in digital capabilities is fundamental. Building strong innovation strategies to consistently push the boundaries of what those digital capabilities can do, will be key to maintaining competitive advantages.

Through our work with and observations of companies of all sizes around the world – as well as our own ecosystem and our own innovation programs – we have developed six guiding principles for companies seeking innovation-led growth.

Find out more about our six guiding principles to successful digital innovation strategies and understand how enterprises are doing this.

Download the full report [PDF, 13.57MB]