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A digital future for the oil and gas industry

A 4-step framework for making digital work for your business


The oil and gas industry is facing a new productivity transformation, where digital technologies help companies discover new ways to drive increased efficiency.

Accenture has created a framework to help clients think about how digital technologies will impact their business. It includes the augmentation and automation of both physical and mental processes.

Watch the videos below to discover how wearables, drones, analytics and cognitive computing are transforming the oil and gas industry.


Augmentation technologies such as wearable computing present new and exciting ways for workers to help them make faster, better decisions. While technologies such as head mounted displays and smart watches are improving safety and contributing to process efficiencies, there are a number of challenges that must be overcome for oil and gas companies to realize their true value.


Drone technology is already improving safety in the oil and gas industry by removing the need for workers to operate in high-risk environments. Pipeline surveillance, post-hurricane analysis and flare stack inspections are just some of the ways drones are safely capturing new sources of data. But with legal challenges mounting, how can the industry effectively maximize the potential of this technology?


Data analytics provide a systematic way to make sense of the large volumes of data being collected across the entire oil and gas value chain. This can help predict when a machine will fail, or ensure that resources are in place where needed. Extracting business insights, however, takes the right digital platform and the right talent.


Cognitive Computing

Cognitive systems and machine learning allow decisions to be made automatically, with the help of complex algorithms that can interpret large volumes of data. While this can optimize production and increase safety, are oil and gas companies ready to turn over decisions to a machine?