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Mobility sparks efficiency gains at Shanghai hospital

One of China’s leading university teaching hospitals, Xinhua Hospital in Shanghai, sought to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures.


Xinhua Hospital is a modern teaching hospital in Shanghai, China, offering a wide range of procedures across a variety of medical disciplines. Its emergency department treats more than 660,000 patients each year, with facilities spread across a number of divisions and locations.

Hospital management wished to improve its pre-examination and triage processes by introducing mobile technologies and digital record-keeping in place of the paper-based records that slowed productivity and reduced the number of patients treated.


Accenture worked hand-in-hand with hospital administration and management, and recommended a suite of mobile applications designed specifically for tablet devices. This innovative approach enabled the hospital to solve the day-to-day challenges it was facing within the emergency department.

More specifically, Accenture developed an Android app that enabled nurses to create and assign/accept triage tasks, and update the status of those tasks as needed, improving the speed and efficiency of the overall department.

The team concurrently developed a web portal with the same functionality that facilitates data entry via PC, and a backend with supporting databases and reporting functionality.


Accenture mobile apps decreased processing time by 35-40%, and 80% of staff agreed it increased efficiency and communications.

Xinhua Hospital

Shanghai, China


High Performance Delivered
Inputting data about patients into mobile devices as soon as they enter an ambulance, or arrive at an emergency department, reduced waiting times and improved the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital.

Further, the use of mobile applications improved triage efficiency and decreased the average triage processing time by 35-40 percent and nearly 80 percent of staff agreed it significantly improved their work efficiency. Further, over 80 percent of the staff said that it improved internal communications between doctors and nurses.

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