Samsung Next-Level Digital Learning for the Next Generation



How to boost young peoples’ digital skills in a fun and engaging way

Samsung Italia has an ambitious corporate citizenship program: to invest in the digital skills and know-how of young people and better prepare them for the world of tomorrow. This is a mission we’re proud to share. It’s why we helped Samsung create LetsApp—a digital learning platform for Italian students designed with young people’s needs at its core. And the results were really good. LetsApp is able to take Samsung’s program to a new level, reaching six times the number of students in 20 times the number of schools against the precious three years activity—and generating national media coverage in the process. But LetsApp’s true success lies in something far more profound—it shall build the vital skills and knowledge that will help the next generation of Italians thrive in the digital age.


How to boost young peoples’ digital skills in a fun and engaging way



The perfect balance of learning and play
That’s where Samsung turned to us for help. In expanding the program, it would be essential to keep the needs of students at the core. So we used human-centric design approach to build LetsApp, a digital platform capable of reaching a far broader range of students in a truly engaging way. Centered around three vital activities—learn, practice, and play—LetsApp offers content-rich online modules on app development, digital marketing, and presentation skills, including the innovative "no coding required" App Inventor 2 tool developed by MIT. To keep students engaged, LetsApp’s digital avatars—Nick and Vick—guide them through the program and offer rewards as each step is completed. What’s more, the program gives students real hands—on experience of developing an app in a team—and presenting the results to their peers. For the best projects, students even got to take part in a real-world hackathon to showcase their newfound skills on a national stage.



LetsApp lets digital ambitions fly

The LetsApp program was a real success. One in every three Italian schools participated in the program—that’s over 20,000 students in more than 2,000 schools—achieving 20 times the reach of Samsung’s local programs. It generated important coverage in the Italian media, and was even showcased on national TV. But ultimately, the program’s true success lies in building the digital skills of young people. And, thanks to its innovative tools and human-centric gamified design, LetsApp has passed that test with flying colors. With more than 5,000 students graduating from the program, with more than 500 apps submitted, and with a user rating of 95 percent, LetsApp is showing how digital tools can let students’ ambitions fly. It’s next-level digital learning for the next generation.