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Leading European maternity retailer: End-to-end e-commerce solution

Accenture provides end-to-end e-commerce solution and customer services to a leading European maternity retailer.


The retailer identified an opportunity to reinvigorate its brand and marketing image in existing markets and expand into new markets using a multichannel strategy. The first step would be to establish a closer connection to its customers through a new online sales channel integrated with the retailer’s robust loyalty program and customer care services.

Together, Accenture and the European retailer have created a scalable online platform that can be easily rolled out to existing and new markets and maintained and improved the solution to offer new features and functionalities.


The retailer selected Accenture to provide an end-to-end service, encompassing analysis, user interface design, development, implementation, configuration and maintenance of its new online sales channel.

Drawing upon its relevant e-commerce skills, the Accenture team worked closely with the retailer to design a scalable online platform that can readily incorporate increased customer visits, other brands or divisions within the retailer’s parent company and additional countries and languages.

With Accenture’s help, the retailer now has an e-commerce solution across multiple countries that allows it to stay connected with customers.

The solution has helped boost loyalty and improve the customer experience, thanks to the same high level of support they have come to expect in its stores. The new online channel also sets the stage for personalized web content when the retailer chooses to do so.