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Altibox: Streamlining sales processes on Salesforce Sales Cloud®

Discover how Accenture helped Altibox Bedrift (B2B) streamline its sales support processes using Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Altibox Bedrift (B2B) wanted to implement a centralized, cloud-based sales support system that could provide a real-time view of its sales pipeline to frontline salespersons and channel partners, and seamlessly integrate with its existing technology platform. Accenture helped the company implement a Salesforce Sales Cloud® system in just seven weeks, using its proprietary SaaS Methodology and SaaS Delivery Toolkit. The new system is helping Altibox streamline B2B sales processes across all its 11 business partners, fostering greater staff collaboration and providing much needed speed, flexibility and scalability in conducting its business.

"Accenture delivered implementation project in a very structured way, with field tested methodology. Before project start, team was clear on expectations and cut the need for clear mandate from Altibox and its project stakeholders. Accenture team was professional, cooperative and extremely pleasant to work."
Operations Manager – Altibox Business


To achieve its ambitious growth targets, the sales team at Altibox needed to have a state-of-the-art information system that could provide a centralized real-time view of its sales pipeline. However, the company had no existing sales support system for its channel partners in the business-to-business (B2B) market. Sales data was mostly tracked on Excel spreadsheets by individual salespersons, resulting in poor forecasting and reporting capabilities.

To enable better data-driven decision making and a uniform sales experience for its business partners, Altibox wanted a centralized, cloud-based sales support system that could provide seamless integration with its existing technology platform. Influenced by discussions with Accenture, the company chose to implement the Salesforce Sales Cloud® system.


Altibox selected Accenture for implementing the Sales Cloud® system based on Accenture’s position as the largest global implementer of, its strong business process focus and system integration skills. The company’s decision was also influenced by Accenture’s alliance partnership with Salesforce, a strong delivery track record, and a strong interest to deliver the solution within just seven weeks.

Accenture started the project with a core team working closely with Altibox through the Analysis, Design, Development and Testing phases of the implementation. The team comprised skilled technical resources and subject matter experts from the Center of Excellence in Oslo. The implementation was iterative with a high degree of participation from the client through weekly value sessions, demonstrating the features of the new solution and fine-tuning it based on stakeholder feedback. The Accenture team also focused on minimizing customizations and creating a solution based on standard configurations and industry recommended practices.

To be able to speed-up the implementation, the team used the Accenture SaaS Methodology and SaaS Delivery Toolkit for efficient project management and tracking throughout the implementation. As a key enabler, the SaaS Delivery Toolkit helped in:

  • Tracking milestones and monitoring progress and status.

  • Logging and mitigating risks and issues.

  • Refining requirements and logging the final solution description.

  • Recording and evaluating various alternatives gathered from the value sessions and recommending future course of action.

  • Estimating effort against the requirements, evaluating capacity and driving prioritization discussions.

  • Creating test scripts and tracking results both system test and user acceptance test.

The scope of the project also included integration of the Sales Cloud system with the company’s existing customer master in Siebel, using Oracle Fusion middleware.


With the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud®, Altibox has succeeded in optimizing its sales processes, fostering greater staff collaboration and providing much needed speed, flexibility and scalability in conducting its business. The sales process is now streamlined across all its 11 business partners, with salespersons having complete, real-time visibility into all sales data and their performance against sales targets. The new sales support system was delivered in just seven weeks from start to finish, a fraction compared to a similar Norwegian project who took nine months from plan to delivery. This collaborative and innovative digital solution is helping Altibox transform and take its business to the next level. The company has now worked with Accenture on another project to expand the solution to new business units for sales to housing cooperatives and integrate it with other functions such as a Partner Community for indirect and wholesale customers. This was delivered in May 2016.​