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Fuel Retail and Marketing Solutions

Build and improve your fuel retail business, implementing digital technologies to keep up with customer expectations and a new competitive landscape.


Join our COP28 sessions – virtually or in person.

Improve the fuel marketing customer journey


Connected customer and marketing

Reinvent the customer experience with hyper personalization, digital loyalty and real-time support.

Connected site and operations

Enable efficient and cost-effective sites and operations while understanding customer needs.

Connected car and electric vehicles

Meet the challenge of a new fuels mix as Electric vehicles requires a new level of connectivity and insight.

What we think

eMobility Accelerated

We see strong convergence of the oil and gas, utilities and automotive value chains, focused on a seamless charging experience.

Biden time: New US policies for oil and gas

Accenture has identified key actions oil and gas companies need to take to manage the impact from the Biden Administration Energy Policies.

Our leaders

Neale Johnson

Managing Director, Lead – Fuels Retail, EMEA

Brian Gray

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

Rushad Chinoy

Senior Manager – Fuels Retail, EMEA