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Introducing Accenture Scientific Informatics Services With the acquisition of LabAnswer, we will help our clients apply digital technologies to revolutionize scientific and laboratory processes.

A powerful combination

Where scientific innovation meets leading edge technology

Accenture Scientific Informatics Services helps companies better capture, manage, integrate and analyze complex laboratory and scientific data to improve the discovery and manufacturing of new products, improve quality, reduce time to market and improve operational efficiency. 


Learn more about Accenture Scientific Informatics Services from our leaders Brad Michel and Mark Everding as they talk about the power of bringing Accenture and LabAnswer together.


What we do

Accenture Scientific Informatics Services combines LabAnswer’s scientific and laboratory informatics expertise with Accenture’s strategic and business consulting capabilities, industry platforms, innovation approach and global scale to revolutionize how scientific and laboratory processes are conducted across a variety of industries—helping make them faster, more efficient and more effective than ever before. We work with clients from the earliest stages of strategic planning through to implementation and support.

  • Define Innovative Opportunities

    Define Innovative Opportunities

    Redefine the way research and labs operate through strategy and transformation services grounded in deep scientific and laboratory domain expertise.

  • Harness New Technology

    Harness New Technology

    Implement enterprise laboratory systems and apply new technologies—automation, artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud and quantum computing—that modernize and integrate the research application landscape and create the digital lab of the future.

  • Operate with Greater Agility

    Operate with Greater Agility

    Increase speed and efficiency across our client's business—research, development and manufacturing—by implementing innovative new processes and workflows that improve collaboration across internal teams and external partners.

  • Transform Culture


    Accelerate adoption of new ways of working with scientifically-aware, design-led thinking that breaks down silos across business functions and shortens the change curve.

  • Unlock Actionable Insights

    Unlock Actionable Insights

    Harness the power of complex scientific data and predictive analytics across the enterprise, helping our clients gain new insights that fuel innovation.

Industries we serve

  • Life Sciences
    Life Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Goods
    Consumer Goods
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas
  • Public Health
    Public Health

Meet our leadership team

We provide the breadth, depth and global scale to support our clients from R&D through supply chain and manufacturing.

Brad Michel

Brad Michel

Managing Director
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John Bainbridge

John Bainbridge

Managing Director
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Brian Brunner

Brian Brunner

Managing Director
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Joe Donahue

Joe Donahue

Managing Director
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Jerrel Kee

Jerrel Kee

Managing Director
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Brian Potter

Brian Potter

Managing Director
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Pat Pijanowski

Pat Pijanowski

Managing Director
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