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Accenture and SAP drive analytics ROI

Read how the alliance between Accenture and SAP drives analytics ROI for high-performance businesses around the globe.


While companies in pursuit of high performance clearly understand the importance of aggressively using data and analytics to improve decision making and business performance, generating a return on investment (ROI) from analytics remains elusive for many. Indeed, the majority experience a profound disconnect between the data being gathered and the business strategies, tactics, and outcomes they are pursuing.

Accenture and SAP are helping the world’s top organizations harness the power of analytics to enable real-time operational decision-making, speed financial close, create relevant interactions with customers, improve business processes, and drive better business outcomes.

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Why the Alliance

Fueled by groundbreaking innovation, the Accenture and SAP alliance combines the power of SAP’s sophisticated business-intelligence tools with Accenture’s functional and industry expertise.

Our latest innovations extend across the global network of Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP, where we are building the next generation of advanced analytics, mobility, cloud, and core ERP solutions with our clients.

Through our combined resources and innovation, businesses can envision previously unseen opportunities, implement advanced analytics solutions, and realize a return on investment never before imagined.

Accenture brings distinct innovations, capabilities, and assets to help clients harness the power of SAP analytics technologies. In particular, the Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP bring together Accenture’s functional and industry expertise with the latest SAP technology, including the SAP HANA® platform and analytics. The centers offer industry showcases which provide opportunities to experience a ‘Day in the Life’ scenario, where we illustrate an end-to-end, industry-specific business process enabled by SAP analytics technologies.

In this way, Accenture and SAP can help clients address their challenges on the analytics journey to ROI by turning critical business issues into outcomes using data, analytics, insights, and actions.