Capturing more business value faster from your SAP investments

There are more ERP opportunities to drive incremental value from the SAP solutions already in place.


In the last decade, most large corporations and many government agencies undertook one of the most ambitious information systems projects in their histories: the implementation of SAP-based enterprise solutions. Now that the solution is in place, organizations can focus on getting more out of what they have.

The Accenture approach to value realization for SAP can help organizations assess how more value can be achieved from their SAP programs faster and more cost effectively. Whatever stage you are at on your SAP journey—implementation, extension, upgrade, maintenance or revisiting to identify new business value—we can help you on your journey to achieve high performance.

Why Accenture

  • Deep industry experience. Our industry experience is translated into integrated business and industry data models, key performance indicators and SAP-based industry solutions that help organizations achieve excellence across their operations. Accenture research into how organizations achieve high performance through their enterprise systems includes ways to optimize the value they get from their SAP programs around three fundamentals they need to maintain culture and cost improvements: strategic objectives linked to process and technology, effective process governance and enabling processes and tools.

  • Process excellence. Through our functional process knowledge and systems integration experience, we help organizations successfully manage transformation programs underpinned by SAP applications. We have a systematic and rigorous approach, including our Business Value Realization framework and diagnostics, to check and assess business process improvements and their resulting value. We have process improvement specializations in Quick-Win, Lean and Lean Six Sigma.

    We enhanced our long-standing operations and strategy expertise with the acquisition of George Group, a recognized market leader in process; operational and business transformation; and innovation strategy.

  • Extensive experience as SAP’s distinguished implementation partner. We have more than 30,900 SAP practitioners, more than 1,500 clients served and 20 SAP Pinnaclbae Awards (more than any other partner). We have broad experience in helping clients seize more business value from their SAP-based programs. Our systematic Business Value Realization approach is sustainable and customizable to each client.

  • Scale, flexibility and global footprint. We have more than 20 Global Delivery Centers with SAP capability; two Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP in Walldorf, Germany and Bengaluru, India; and one Accenture Delivery Suite for SAP—all to meet the full spectrum of our clients’ needs. Our experience is packaged and integrated into Business Value Realization related assets, methods and tools, ensuring a consistent approach to value realization by teams throughout the world.

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