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Accenture network engineering services: Services overview

Accenture Network Engineering Services helps clients plan, engineer, build and launch new fixed and mobile broadband networks and services.


For today’s communication service providers, network investments play an increasingly critical role in driving performance. Providers seek to utilize their network investments to optimize their operating models, align their network and operational planning with customer requirements, enhance organizational agility and reduce costs. They also look to utilize network technology as a tool for accelerated growth.

Accenture Network Engineering Services can assist providers in achieving these goals. We help clients more rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively plan, engineer, build and launch new fixed and mobile broadband networks and services in order to optimize their operating models and accelerate growth.

Why Accenture

With capabilities that encompass network planning, service and resource inventory and deployment, Accenture helps clients effectively plan and design network expansion and capacity augmentation programs, providing improved ability to predict network performance impacts, enhance capacity, and reduce network costs. We evaluate potential large-scale long-term evolution (LTE) builds against a backdrop of “what if” analysis that embraces a full spectrum of technological and economic factors.

Our solution distinctively leverages services ranging from operational diagnostics, organization and process design to systems deployment and integration.

It enables outsourcing of planning, engineering services, and program management services, as well as network services solutions that dynamically manage network control and configuration.

Powered by analytics intellectual property rights (IPRs) and cloud apps and utilizing a network of specialized engineering service centers, Accenture Network Engineering Services can help clients achieve increased business agility. Our solution can help to cost-effectively accelerate broadband fixed and mobile network deployments, cutting operating costs by up to 50 percent while optimizing network investments aligned to customer demand.

Specific Services

Accenture Network Engineering Services provides a wide and deep scope of capabilities that address providers’ needs in the area of network planning optimization.

Utilizing our distinctive combination of capabilities and assets, Accenture can help providers optimize their network investment, reduce the cost of network deployment and decrease time to market.


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