Corporate Strategy

Determining your best routes to sustained growth

To succeed in the age of digital disruption and rapid industry commoditization, companies must build and continually refine the business portfolio and unique capabilities they need to deliver desired business outcomes. In some cases, doing so internally makes the most sense. In others, buying another company or parts of it, or entering into an alliance, may be the best route. In still others, pruning the portfolio through a divestiture may be called for.

Positioned at the intersection of business and technology, our strategists help clients determine the right mix of organic and inorganic options to fuel their growth while limiting risk and helping to predict unintended consequences.

Key corporate strategy activities we support:

  • Determining how well the current business portfolio and capabilities meet current and developing market needs

  • Identifying divestiture candidates and acquisition or alliance opportunities to strengthen the portfolio and capabilities

  • Performing high-level valuations to understand the value-creation potential of various options

  • Reviewing investment requirements and capital considerations

  • Identifying operational and cultural impacts

  • Devising a formal, disciplined approach to acquiring, allying, partnering or entering a joint venture