M&A Capability Development

Creating a robust internal M&A “machine”

Where clients plan to conduct multiple and ongoing M&A work, Accenture Strategy’s M&A teams work collaboratively with them to develop a formal in-house M&A capability. Clients can use this capability on an ongoing basis to evaluate and execute future transactions, on both the buy and sell side. The rationale behind creating such a capability is simple: If M&A is to fuel a company’s future growth, it should be just as much a part of business operations as IT, marketing, finance or any other mission-critical function. Moreover, this capability requires in-house processes, skills and tools with the scalability to support multiple deals at all stages of the deal cycle—a sort of M&A “machine” that can capture and preserve optimum value from each merger, acquisition or divestiture.

Key capability development activities we support:

  • Assessing the client’s current M&A capability to identify gaps

  • Developing the governance, processes and tools that enable streamlined, repeatable deal execution

  • Developing structured, digitally enabled M&A playbooks